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Father's 18-month custody battle coming to an end

Changes in culture are often accompanied by shifts in family law. For example, it was long held that women would almost always receive physical custody of their children in the event of divorce. However, men in general are now taking a more active role in their children's lives, and courts, including those in Georgia, are more inclined to split parenting time evenly between mothers and fathers.

Still, sometimes fathers have to fight hard to exert their parental rights. With that in mind, let's consider the case of a Missouri man who has been trying to get custody of his daughter for a year and a half. According to him, his wife left him in 2012. However, the couple's daughter and the wife's child from a prior relationship stayed with the man.

Child support payments are affected by where you divorce

Child support payments are designed to safeguard the financial future of children after their parents divorce. Since 2007, child support payments in Georgia have been calculated based on a number of new factors, including each parent's time with the child and the income of both parents. While a judge ultimately makes the child support decision, these factors significant part in determining the amount of child support payments.

With child support issues in mind, Georgia residents may be interested in the case of a South Dakota man who was informed last year by Canada officials that he would still be required to pay child support for his children, who are in their 20s. In South Dakota, where the father was born, raised and currently resides, the law requires child support payments only up to a child's 18th birthday or under other special circumstances.

When extreme situations call for a change in child custody

In child custody disputes involving parents who both seek physical custody, one of the basic questions the court will ask regards the parents' ability to provide shelter, food and clothing for the child or children. Issues become more complex when questions arise as to whether a parent's behavior might be detrimental to the kids. If there is dispute over this matter, then each parent may have to provide proof to challenge the other's claims.

Of course, ideally, parents would always come to a reasonable agreement about what is best for the children. In Georgia, for instance, child custody is generally viewed as having two components. Physical custody is given to the parent with whom the child will reside, and legal custody involves a parent's right to make decisions regarding a child's upbringing, including religious matters, health care and education.

Divorce can put you on the road to happiness

Divorce can be a frightening prospect, particularly for couples who have been married for a long time. Even if you become unhappy in your marriage, the routine of it all can feel comfortable and safe. You may find yourself thinking that perhaps the known evils of an unhappy marriage are preferable to the unknown possibilities of a post-divorce life. Georgia residents should know that they aren't alone, and there are plenty of places for you to find comfort and support to help you make the right decision.

A concerned man took to Reddit to seek the opinions of those who could sympathize with his circumstances. He asked if he would be happier after divorce, and if it would be better to potentially have less time with his children, but for that time to be enjoyable and not fraught with tension. He received a number of affirmative responses, detailing many of the ways in which individuals can still find happiness after divorce.

Overnight guests a bad idea for divorcing parents

Divorce proceedings can be very difficult and very stressful, but this may be especially true if children are involved. If a dispute over child custody arises, then the court will consider the fitness of each parent when deciding on an appropriate arrangement that protects the child's best interest.

Parents going through divorce are usually treading in uncertain territory, and this can lead to confusion and even a desire to seek out a new romantic relationship before the divorce is finalized. However, parents should remember that a child's knowledge of such a relationship could be a factor in a court's decision regarding child custody.

Prenup at issue in NBA star's divorce

NBA point guard Raymond Felton is currently involved in a divorce with his wife of 19 months. While their marital split is currently unfolding in New York, Georgia residents, and especially those who have lived in numerous states, may be interested in how the laws in each state can lead to different divorce outcomes.

Raymond and his wife Ariane reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement, which Raymond is asking a judge to uphold. Part of that agreement requires arbitration for the divorce to take place in Raymond's home state of North Carolina.

Improving economy offers opportunities for new beginning

Most Georgians embark on the journey of marriage with the hope they can stay together happily with their spouses for years to come. However, things change. Jobs are lost and gained; children are born, grow up and move out; and spouses' preferred lifestyles can change, too.

When the differences become too great, a divorce may be a much-needed opportunity for a fresh start. After the initial pain of realizing that the marriage has to end, many people find that moving into a new home, embarking on a new career, and finding a new partner are all exciting prospects, though it seems these opportunities are more promising to Americans when the economy is stable.

Georgia rapper Big Boi seeks joint custody of his son

For many Georgia parents, finding a positive solution to child custody and child support matters is a major challenge after a divorce or separation. Resolving such conflicts is often not a cut and dry process. In many cases, after the initial ruling, modifications may be necessary to reflect changes in the parents' personal situations and new information provided to the court. Modifications may be introduced due to salary adjustments, arrests or delinquent support payments.

Georgia resident and rapper Big Boi is currently caught in a custody battle for his 12-year-old son. Big Boi split from his wife last October, and the mother has since made an effort to obtain sole custody of the child. However, the father is asking for joint custody of the boy, saying that the child needs equal time with both parents.

Man cleared of 11 years of child support payments

Disputes over child support should never be taken lightly. When the care and well-being of a child in Georgia are in question, it is important that any relevant issues are carefully considered and quickly resolved.

With that in mind, Georgia residents may want to consider a Minnesota case that is making headlines after a man was sent to jail for his failure to meet child support obligations over the course of 11 years. In fact, the case may serve as a precedent for other states looking to update laws and eliminate any residual biases.

Biological father awarded custody in battle with foster parents

Cases that involve children are seldom easy. Parents naturally want what is best for their children. However, problems may arise when outside parties disagree on what is best for the child. Residents of the state of Georgiashould be aware of fathers’ rights surrounding the privileges that biological fathers have regarding their children. Knowing your rights may help in many different custody circumstances ranging from divorce to complicated foster parent situations.

A recent complicated case is reinforcing the biological fathers’ rights even when foster parents have adopted the child. A Tennessee girl is the focus of a heated child custody dispute between her natural father and the foster parents who have raised her for the majority of her life. The 9-year-old girl lived in the care of her foster family from the time she was 1-year-old until February 2014. It was at that time the Department of Children’s Services removed her to the care of her birth father. In what may have been an attempt to rectify a former error, the DCS ultimately saw the girl delivered back to her father.