Marietta Trial Lawyer

Attorney William C. Gentry practices law in a client-centered way that always puts your needs first. Below are some of the defining characteristics of his approach to the law — contact him at 770-884-4171 or fill out his online form to schedule an initial consultation and see how he can use this approach to your benefit.

Personal Attention

Mr. Gentry understands how important your case is. To guide you through all of the complicated steps of the legal process, he gives you the personal attention that you and your case deserve. He takes the time to walk you step by step through all of your legal options, and to answer every question that you have.

Aggressive Advocacy

No matter how complex the legal issues you face, attorney William C. Gentry forcefully advocates on your behalf. He has extensive experience with negotiation, mediation and courtroom trials, and he will fiercely defend your rights at all stages of a case.

Efficient Representation

Mr. Gentry prides himself on offering efficient and effective legal representation. He works tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve just and fair results for you — by settlement if possible and by trial if necessary.

Contact the Firm

To schedule a free initial consultation with a Marietta attorney who will forcefully defend your rights, contact William C. Gentry at 770-884-4171 or through his online form. By helping his clients for more than 25 years, he has become well respected in the Georgia legal community and uses his experience and connections to the advantage of his clients.