Marietta Attorney For Workers’ Compensation Income Benefits

Lost wages resulting from a workplace accident can jeopardize your financial security. Any amount of missed earnings can put strain on you and your family. If you were hurt on the job and are unable to work, an experienced Marietta lawyer for workers’ compensation income benefits can help you obtain the full amount you are entitled to receive.

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At the Georgia law office of Gentry Law Firm, LLC, our team is dedicated to protecting the rights of hardworking people in Marietta and throughout Cobb County. An attorney’s familiarity with the complex workers’ compensation system can significantly affect the amount you will recover for a workers’ compensation claim. With more than 30 years of experience, we have a proven record of success in obtaining favorable settlements for workplace accident victims. Contact Marietta workers’ compensation attorney Bill Gentry today for an initial consultation.

Georgia Income Benefits Guidelines

In order to receive income benefits for a work-related accident, you need a written statement from a doctor instructing you to stay out of work or indicating the restrictions on the type of work you are able to perform. If you are unable to work, your employer is required to pay two-thirds of your average weekly wages, not to exceed $525 per week. They may also offer you an alternate position.

There is typically a one-week waiting period before you receive your first check. If you do not receive a check within 14 days after the injury, contact a lawyer. Your employer is subject to a 15-20 percent fine for late payments, and may also be liable for attorney’s fees.

In addition to income benefits, you may also be eligible for other medical or disability benefits. With so many complexities in the process, ensuring you are getting the full extent of compensation available is difficult. Trust an attorney who has represented hundreds of clients involved in all types of workplace accidents.

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If you suffered an injury while on the job, getting the benefits process started as soon as possible is essential. Through a client-centered approach and results-driven representation, we seek swift and successful settlements for all types of work-related injury claims. For an initial consultation, call 770-884-4171 or contact us online.