When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

You need an experienced attorney such as William C. Gentry working on your case as soon as possible. By helping you from the beginning of your case, Mr. Gentry can increase the value of your claim. Attorney fees for workers’ compensation are a flat percentage of the settlement, so it does not cost any more to get Mr. Gentry involved in the case from the start.

Mr. Gentry has effectively helped many clients in the Marietta, Georgia, area successfully obtain workers’ compensation benefits for more than 30 years. Contact his law firm online or call 770-884-4171 to schedule an initial consultation.

Cost-Effective Legal Representation

As your workers’ compensation attorney, William C. Gentry is paid a flat percentage no matter when he becomes involved in your case. The percentage you pay is the same if you hire him one day or one year after your accident, and you will also have his help with issues such as:

  • Obtaining your weekly checks
  • Changing doctors, if necessary
  • Finding out what your rights are and what expenses are covered by workers’ compensation, such as mileage for going to the doctor’s office or to the pharmacy
  • Your workers’ comp appeal, if necessary

The sooner you hire Mr. Gentry, the more you will be able to maximize the value you get from the representation you receive.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

All too often, employees attempt to pursue a workers’ compensation claim on their own. While this may be appropriate for minor injuries that lead to only one or two days’ missed work, for more serious or permanent injuries it pays to work with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney.

Insurance companies understand that individual workers are rarely willing or able to go to trial to protect their rights. Insurers therefore tend to offer much lower settlements to workers who do not have a lawyer.

Attorney William C. Gentry understands exactly how much your injury claim is worth, and he will not rest until you have received the compensation you deserve. He has extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies, and insurers know he is willing to go to trial if necessary. As your attorney, Mr. Gentry will help you prepare a compelling case designed to help you receive the maximum possible benefits for your injury.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer? — As Soon As Possible!

For an initial consultation with a Marietta workers’ compensation attorney who will forcefully advocate on your behalf, contact William C. Gentry online or call 770-884-4171. He will take every measure possible to help you navigate through the workers’ compensation system, while protecting your rights.