Is Your Employer Trying To Refuse Work-Injury Benefits?

After you suffer a work injury, what happens if your employer refuses to provide you with financial or medical benefits? The answer is that you must go through the complex and confusing workers’ compensation system. To navigate this system, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you.

We Can Help You

For more than a quarter century of practicing law, Marietta workers’ compensation attorney William C. Gentry has helped numerous clients in Cobb County secure the benefits and medical care that they needed. Contact his law firm online or call 770-884-4171 to schedule an initial consultation.

How We Can Help You

When an employer refuses benefits, William C. Gentry can advocate for you at all stages of the workers’ compensation process. His representation includes:

  • Fighting for your rights
  • Taking depositions
  • Getting medical records that will be used to strengthen your case
  • Representing you at your hearing in front of a workers’ comp judge
  • Appealing your case, if necessary

If your employer denies you workers’ compensation benefits, contact William C. Gentry immediately! If you represent yourself and do not understand the rules of the process, you may not receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Get The Benefits You Deserve

To schedule an initial consultation with a Marietta attorney for employer refusal of benefits who will forcefully defend your rights, contact William C. Gentry online or call 770-884-4171. Mr. Gentry will take every measure possible to ensure your case receives the time and personal attention it deserves. He will keep you well informed about all of your legal options. By helping his clients for more than 30 years, he has become well respected in the Georgia legal community and uses his experience and connections to the advantage of his clients.