Injured In A Work-Related Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident while on the job, workers’ compensation can help you pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. For more than 30 years, William C. Gentry has practiced law in the Marietta area. In that time, he has guided many clients through the workers’ compensation process and has helped them obtain the medical care and compensation that they needed.

Work-related car and truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and in a number of professions. Delivery drivers, long-haul truckers, on-the-road salesmen and taxi drivers can suffer serious injuries when another motorist runs a stop sign or fails to signal a lane change. Bad weather, drowsy driving and poor vehicle maintenance can also play a role in workplace driving accidents.

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance, meaning you have the right to claim benefits for your injuries, even if the accident was your fault. No matter what caused your accident, contact Mr. Gentry online or call 770-884-4171 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Marietta work-related car accident attorney.

Experienced Assistance With Third-Party Claims

While most drivers are aware that they can claim workers’ compensation benefits for injuries they suffer while on the job, many do not realize that they may also be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against negligent driver who caused their injury. This type of lawsuit is designed to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions, and to provide an extra layer of financial compensation to the victims.

Workers’ compensation and personal injury claims interact in a number of important ways. For example, if you receive workers’ compensation for your work-related car accident and then obtain payment in your personal injury case, workers’ compensation may attempt to take back part of that payment as reimbursement for the workers’ compensation benefits you received.

In this situation, it is important to work with a single attorney who can handle all aspects of your injury case. Many lawyers only handle the personal injury lawsuit, and then leave clients to handle the workers’ compensation part of the process on their own. William C. Gentry offers comprehensive representation and helps his clients take care of both cases at the same time.

Contact Our Office For Help

To schedule an initial consultation with a Cobb County work-related accident attorney who will forcefully defend your rights, contact William C. Gentry online or call 770-884-4171. Mr. Gentry will ensure your case receives the time and personal attention that it deserves, and that you are well-informed about all of your legal options.