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"Bill was forthright about what to expect and that's what happened. I'd recommend the Gentry Law Firm to anyone looking for an attorney."


"I walked into the office scared and tearful, but their hard work turned things around. I'm very grateful to everyone at The Gentry Law Firm."


"The Gentry Law Firm supported me when I thought my world was falling apart. I hope you choose them as your advocate."


"The gentry Law Firm guided me through a very difficult time in my life. Bill, Kimi, and the team did not disappoint!"

Bill and his staff were very knowledgeable about the legal process, giving guidance regarding my situation, and responding promptly to my questions. Bill has more than 30 years’ experience which provided me a level of comfort-ability. His familiarity with those whom work in the courts is a value-add as it provides additional insight that might not be available through another attorney.

A.T., 2022

Where do I start? I hired Mr. Bill Gentry after a horrible failed attempt at negotiating and mediation. I started with a hot shot in Buckhead, Atlanta, that had a bunch of credentials and a 5.0 AVVO rating. She had a ton of great reviews and seemed to be the best. I sent her all kinds of recordings and pictures and was not told what was going to happen, when, or what she needed. I just sent everything. I was told not to worry. I was told of an agreed upon 6 month discovery, without my approval, 3 days before the mediation. I jumped through hoops to get it done! Mediation was horrible! I was told every other weekend and 3 weeks in the summer was the best I would get and to take it by both my lawyer and mediator. The mediator was someone my wifes lawyer recommended. My conscious couldnt do it and I said lets go to war. I told my lawyer I was getting a second opinion. The 2nd opinion I got was Mr. Bill Gentry with Gentry Law Firm. He saw me for what I am and thats a great dad! He said he would love to take my case and try his best to get me everything I wanted. Just sitting with him I could tell he demands respect and is an upstanding person, and would fight for me and my 3 kids which one is a 2 year old. I fired the other lawyer and hired Mr. Gentry. Immediately he sent a 60+ page request for Discovery! No nonsense kinda guy! My wife had 30 days to come up with everything since we had been married. He even wanted to know the dates and times she had drank a beer in the last 6 years! It was that deep! It was astonishing what Mr. Gentry requested and I was finally proud of my representation. To see her squirm was a joy! She finally realized I was in the fight for my kids! It was so much that she finally wanted to start negotiating and giving me what I wanted and that was 50/50 custody. Mr. Gentry was the only lawyer at his firm and handles everything himself, other than a paralegal for paperwork. This is important because my last lawyer passed me off to another lawyer in her firm and charged me for both rates! You hire Mr. Gentry and you get Mr. Gentry! I cannot put into words how much Mr. Gentry, his paralegal Danielle, and his receptionist Denise mean to me and meant to my case! He is truly the best! I am not just saying this! With Mr. Gentry, tell him the truth, listen to his advice, and hang on for the ride! This guy is not just the best but so far above the rest you cant even see them in the rear view! He fought for me and my kids like he would do for his own! For a man the whole process is stacked against us. With Mr. Gentry, no matter how old the children are, no matter the circumstances of the divorce, no matter what you have been told or done, nothing is impossible! This guy is THE BEST!

M.S., 2022

I want to thank you, thank Danielle and all your staff for all your support and services. It's been a long and tough year, but fortunately it's over. Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you and have you as my counsel throughout this hard and painful process.
 After having a different counsel for the first seven months of the case, I believed I made the right decision by replacing him with you. I appreciate the attention/professionalism shown by you and all your team. I cannot speak highly enough about you, you’re an excellent attorney and saw me through the case from start to finish.
 I won’t hesitate to call you or get your services again if I need to, and I definitely will recommend you to anyone who needs help with any divorce issues.

O.R., 2022

Great attorney and Associates

G.S., 2022

Bill, Danielle, and the rest of the team moved mountains for me and my family. Absolutely recommended!

J.C., 2022

Everyone has a different story and set of circumstances that result in their decision to divorce. Arriving at this decision was the first major step for me. The second step was finding the right Attorney to lead me through the process. After reading the professional bio of Mr. Bill Gentry, I scheduled a consultation and shortly thereafter selected Mr. Gentry as my Attorney.
 From the very start, Mr. Gentry was mindful of the issues that were sensitive to me. He provided various scenarios based on his personal experiences with similar cases and clearly explained the law in layman’s terms. This allowed me to fully understand the process. Mr. Gentry and his staff provided timely responses to my phone calls and emails. I felt that I was always their number one priority.
 I realized during this process that certain things were out of my control and learned the art of patience as never before. My trust in Mr. Gentry guided me through the anxiety and frustrating moments. I followed his lead, stayed the course and we achieved the outcome he predicted some 13 months prior. Mr. Gentry and his team were exceptional and exceeded my expectations.

J.W., 2022

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