We Know How To Deal With Insurance Companies

In order to maximize the amount paid on your injury claim you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. For more than 25 years, attorney William C. Gentry has helped clients in Marietta and the surrounding areas deal with insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve. Contact his law firm online or call 770-884-4171 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced insurance negotiation attorney.

We Will Remove The Burden

Understanding personal injury claims can be difficult for many reasons. One is that there are several different insurance companies that could potentially be responsible for paying your medical bills. Following a car wreck you may have to deal with:

  • The other driver’s insurance company, if the other driver has insurance. Your own auto insurance company’s uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Your own car insurance company, which might pay a certain amount of money toward your medical expenses.
  • Your own health insurance company, which may pay some of your medical expenses.
  • Medicare, if you are eligible.

You may still have to deal with insurance companies even after your medical bills have been paid. If you file a claim because of your injury and you obtain a recovery, your health insurance company and Medicare may attempt to obtain a part of the compensation you received to pay for their costs.

Many attorneys do not consider this when they handle personal injury cases. Marietta personal injury attorney William C. Gentry does. He will not simply resolve your case and leave you to deal with these companies — he provides comprehensive representation and handles both your lawsuit and the negotiations with your health insurers.

We Seek Maximum Possible Compensation

Insurance companies make it their business to offer you the lowest possible compensation for your injuries. After an accident, it is common for insurers to make low-ball settlement offers that do not reflect the actual losses you have suffered. Insurance companies may also delay or refuse to pay claims, making the process more difficult and complicated for the injured party.

A skilled personal injury attorney can assist in these challenging situations by acting as a negotiator on your behalf. Attorney William C. Gentry knows how much compensation you should receive in your situation, and he will push hard to see that you receive the amount you deserve. Mr. Gentry will help you document and present your injuries and losses to the insurance companies and, if necessary, go to trial to protect your rights.

How To Contact William Gentry

To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer who can help you understand how to deal with insurance companies in Marietta, contact William C. Gentry online or call 770-884-4171. Mr. Gentry will ensure your case receives the time and personal attention that it deserves, and that you are well-informed about all of your legal options.