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Child Custody Archives

Virtual visitation could be coming to a courtroom near you

There is an increasing number of children in Georgia that live with one parent and only see the other parent on holidays or over summer break. This situation is almost never because the parent or child don't want to see each other, but because the parent and child live apart. Across the country, there are approximately 10 million children who only have infrequent or limited in-person contact with one parent.

Tax breaks aren't out of your reach after a divorce, part III

In this final part of our series on tax benefits for noncustodial parents in Atlanta, we will talk about tax credits that are only available to custodial parents, even when the noncustodial parent can claim the noncustodial parent rule. These parental rights are not automatically granted to the custodial parent, however, he or she must still earn the tax credits before claiming them.

Tax breaks aren't out of your reach after a divorce, part II

Earlier in the week, we discussed the different tax benefits that are available to noncustodial parents if they have met the qualifications for the noncustodial parent rule. This federal rule is an exception to the rule that only custodial parents will be able to collect tax deductions on their children. Although Georgia parents know that child custody battles are not fought for tax benefits, who will be able to claim tax deductions is often an important part of divorce settlements.

Tax breaks aren't out of your reach after a divorce, part I

Your divorce has been finalized and the Georgia family court has determined that you are not the custodial parent because your child spends a little more than half of his or her time with your ex. Beyond the disappointment of being separated from your child, many Marietta parents who don't have primary physical custody are concerned that they will lose out on all of their tax deductions. Luckily, however, this is not always true.

Georgia House agrees grandparents have visitation rights

A unanimous Georgia House of Representatives has recently decided that when it comes to a divorce, grandparents should also have some rights to their grandchildren. While many in Georgia may think that a divorce and child custody battle is only affecting the parents and the children, other family members sometimes get pushed to the side in a custody determination. While it seems that the current Georgia child custody laws do not protect grandparents, this bill would allow grandparents to spend at least 24 hours a month with their grandchildren.

The dangers of active social media and family law

You've just started the process of divorcing your spouse and you turn to your ever-present companion -- Facebook. While divorcing Marietta couples may wish to vent their frustrations, feelings of betrayal, anger or general depression to all their friends on Facebook, there is a growing trend of using Facebook and other social media as evidence in family law court.

Big spender? Avoid competing with the ex on gifts for the kids

For some families that have gone through a divorce, the holiday season is a time when ex-spouses may compete for their children's attention and affection. Especially for Georgia parents that have shared parenting time, it can be difficult to pick your child up from your former spouse's house to discover his or her other parent has bought the toy you couldn't. All too often, these competitions can take the form of trying to buy the children more expensive or elaborate presents than the other parent can afford.

Talks between parents, kids can ease child custody stress

Divorcing parents are almost always concerned for the welfare of their children. Many questions are raised as to how to deal with custody, even in the friendliest of divorces. One of the biggest things to consider in child custody cases is what the children want.

Child custody handoff facility could lessen domestic violence

For many parents in Georgia that share physical custody of their children, there is a fear that the children's other parent may injure then when they drop the children off as part of a child custody agreement. For marriages that ended because of domestic violence, shared parenting time could present many problems. Even if the parent doesn't fear injury, he or she may be worried that the other parent may start a fight in front of the children.

Missing toddler's dad suspects mom in disappearance

When it comes to determining child custody in a divorce, heated disputes are fairly common. The adjustment to spending less time with their children can be emotionally very difficult for both parents, and if parenting disagreements were part of the impetus for the divorce, a power struggle can ensue.

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