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Child Custody Archives

Child custody is a Tripp: Bristol and Levi settle custody dispute

Made famous during her mother's run for vice president, Bristol Palin and her former boyfriend, Levi Johnson and their child, Tripp, have led a life more in the public eye than behind closed doors. Whether it was Palin's run on "Dancing With the Stars" or a reality show about her raising Tripp in "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp," to Johnston's exposure in Playgirl magazine, much is known about the former couple's relationship and their son. Now, Georgians who have been following the three will likely know that their custody battle has finally come to a close.

Fostering communication with children after the divorce

At one point or another, Georgians have likely witnessed a dad trying hard to communicate with his children. The kids may ignore him, or they may occasionally give him a one word answer. This may be one of the many problems facing a noncustodial parent as he or she struggles to maintain relationships with the children after a divorce.

Divorce doesn't mean mothers and fathers will stop being parents

With all the intense emotions flowing during a divorce it is often difficult for separating spouses in Georgia to spend time together. The thought of seeing or talking with someone that cheated on you may be repulsive. Knowing that a spouse that broke your heart will be at a friend's birthday may be too much to handle. Even though there are emotional attachments that divorced or divorcing spouses have for each other, they will be unable to avoid each other if they have children together.

Put your children first, even if it means getting along with an ex

No one in Cartersville would argue that divorce is not hard. Not only do husbands and wives have to divide assets, determine who should or should not get spousal support or have custody of the children, but there are numerous bitter, upset or angry feelings that come with the end of a marriage. For many divorcing couples in Georgia, there may be a great desire to have nothing to do with an ex-spouse ever again, but if a couple has children, it is extremely unlikely that will happen.

For the children: making co-parenting work after a divorce

Your divorce is finally done and you are finally free to live your life again. While many people in Canton have this exact same feeling after they have completed the sometimes draining process of divorcing a former spouse, any divorcé(e) who has children with his or her ex will have to be continue to interact with that ex for the benefit of his or her children.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise headed for a split

Famed actress Katie Holmes, who is married to the even more famous Tom Cruise, has done something that not many in Georgia were expecting -- she filed for divorce from her husband of five years. Keeping her intentions well-hidden, she filed anonymously, making the divorce a surprise to everyone, including Cruise. Holmes is also seeking full child custody of the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

What role can obesity and physical health play in child custody?

We have previously talked about how some Georgia family court judges may start looking at weight in making their custody decisions, but the focus had almost always been on the weight of the child. The question that is now being raised is whether a Marietta parent's obesity should be considered when deciding who should have physical custody over the children.

Allegations of domestic violence color child custody decision

The people of Kennesaw may remember hearing about a transgender man who had gotten pregnant and gave birth to three children with his wife. For nine years he, his wife and three children lived as a happy family, but he recently announced that he and his wife were filing for divorce. Unlike many child custody cases, this is far from normal.

Special needs children require a special divorce approach

Divorce is a challenging process under normal circumstances, but add a special-needs child into the mix and things suddenly seem a lot more complicated for people in Canton. Divorced individuals in Atlanta who co-parent a special-needs child need to pay special attention to child custody arrangements to ensure that their youngster is receiving the treatment and care for their specific conditions.

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