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Child Custody Archives

How dating before your divorce is final can be a problem

It may have been the most difficult conversation to have with a spouse, but deciding to get divorced does not suddenly make an individual single and ready to mingle. Although many people in Marietta likely start dating before their divorces are ultimately finalized, dating and signing up for an online dating profile could cause more problems than many may think. What would you do, for example, if you came across a soon-to-be ex's online profile and he or she doesn't mention that he or she has children?

Grandparents leave state with boy, mother finds him 19 years later

It is understandable that child custody issues are some of the most sensitive aspects of divorce. Few parents in Marietta want to lose contact with their children and the thought of spending drastically less time with them pushes many parents to fight hard for custody. In rare situations, Georgia child custody disputes won't be between mothers and fathers, but between one parent and grandparents, but like other custody battles, grandparents are eager to keep custody of their grandchildren.

Recent tragedy offers opportunity for divorcing parents

The widely reported tragic events of the shootings at Newtown most likely will have an impact on divorcing parents in Georgia, as well as their children. One of the aspects of the life of the gunman was that he was a child of a divorce. Reportedly, he had been raised by his single mother, and was living with her up until the time of their deaths. While his motives for the shootings remain convoluted, his first victim was his mother.

Numbers of married parents falling across the United States

Experts and U.S. Census Bureau data indicate significant changes in both marriage and parenthood, primarily showing a decrease in married couples with children. Meanwhile, the number of single-parent households continues to rise.

Child custody may be difficult for parents with disabilities

When parents in Marietta divorce, one of the biggest challenges is determining who will have primary custody of the children. Assuming both parents want physical custody of the children, it is often up to the courts to decide which parent's home will be the primary place of residence. These decisions are based on the best interests of the children, but what exactly does that mean? Can parents with disabilities provide for the best interests of their children? Sadly, many courts have ruled that they can't.

Getting through the holidays without the kids is not impossible

As we approach the holidays, many newly divorced parents in DeKalb County are wondering what they will be doing this Thanksgiving. For many parents, the idea of spending a family holiday without their children is difficult, but it need not be impossible. Remembering that sharing child custody with an ex means that sometimes he or she has the children during major holidays, but it also means that there will be holidays during which you have the children, too.

How to make post-divorce holidays manageable

Holidays have always been a time of great stress. Even though most people in Atlanta love getting together with family members to celebrate, holidays also require planning, compromise and, at times, disagreement. For a Georgia parent who has just gone through a divorce, the first set of holidays can be extremely difficult. But navigating the holidays as a single parent can be extremely important, especially for children.

Woman goes to extremes in husband's child custody case

No one in Smyrna who is in the middle of a child custody dispute would call it easy. Even if a former husband and wife get along well and separated amicably, when it comes to child custody it is likely to get somewhat contentious. This blog has covered some of the things that ex-spouses will do to try and convince a judge that they are the better parent and why they should receive primary or sole physical custody. Sometimes, these antics can get out of hand and, on occasion, are downright illegal.

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