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Child Custody Archives

Murder-for-hire plot complicates divorce proceedings

In a November 17 post, some of our frequent readers here in Georgia read about the disturbing case of a wife who filed for divorce then tried to a hire a fake hit man to kill her husband before the divorce was settled. It was a scenario many people across the nation hope they never have to encounter in their own lives, but it also raises an important question among our readers: could a murder-for-hire plot be used in a divorce case?

Number of grandparents as primary caregivers on the rise

Most of our readers, when it comes to child custody, generally think about a primary caregiver as either the mother or father. Although family law courts here in Georgia are becoming more open to the issue of fathers’ rights and making more dads the primary caregiver, it may be grandparents soon that will need the courts to change their views on custody, especially because the number of grandparents as primary caregivers continues to rise.

Olympic skier's child custody battle heats up

Separating from a spouse or partner is not usually easy, and the process can become especially difficult when a child is involved. Families in Georgia struggling with child custody are well advised to seek legal counsel to reach fair terms that keep the child's best interests in mind.

Who gains custody of frozen embryos in a divorce?

Presenting our readers with real-world scenarios is one way that we explain the complexities of family law and provide residents here in Georgia with useful information for the future. Take for example the very real-world scenario of a couple deciding to try in vitro fertilization. For many couples across the nation, this is the only option they have for conception. And while most couples choose to focus on the positives that can come out of such a technological advancement, it's advancements such as this that can also cause legal problems as well.

Should legal counsel be provided if you can't afford it?

When it comes to matters of child custody, our readers may have a lot of questions. And because every situation is unique, that leaves a lot of different answers that cannot be easily summed up with a single blog post. For this post, we wanted to focus on one particular question that many of our readers might be thinking but may not want to ask because it involves the sensitive subject of finances and a person's ability to seek counsel. Presenting the question in the form of a fictitious, yet real-life scenario, we hope to raise this question in the minds of our readers as well.

More grandparents are acting as primary caregivers

Though there are numerous intergenerational families in Atlanta, most people still don't immediately include grandparents when talking about a household. Yet, with poor economic times come an increased dependence on grandparents to care for or help support grandchildren. And grandparents aren't just taking on minor roles in their grandchildren's lives; there are an increasing number of grandparents who are their grandchildren's primary caregivers.

Joint custody doesn't necessarily mean open communication

Several years ago, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" presented the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin, their twins and their sextuplets. It has been a while since the show has gone off the air, and there are some people in Georgia who may wonder whatever happened to the Gosselins. As many people know, the couple divorced and Kate has continued to work in the public eye. Jon, however, appears to be struggling to provide for his family.

Child of woman killed by D.C. police subject of custody battle

Many people in Marietta heard about the woman who drove to Washington, D.C. with her infant child in the back seat, only to try to drive through a barricade near the White House. She was chased by police and officers shot and killed the woman after she stopped her vehicle. Now that the infant is without a mother, the young girl's aunt is asking for custody.

The parent with primary physical custody files for financial aid

There are a number of parents in Acworth who have contemplated divorce but try to work things out "for the children." Once the children move out and go to college, however, there are a number of couples who choose to finally end an unhappy marriage. Although it may be difficult for a child to return home from college to learn that his or her parents are divorcing, there are very practical questions that a young adult may have, including which parent will file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Japan is put to the test in international child custody case

There is no question that divorce and joint child custody can be stressful at times, but it is never acceptable to just kidnap a child in order to have full custody. Not only is it a criminal offense, but it undermines the Georgia child custody system, a system which has been put in place to benefit children.

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