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Posts tagged "property division"

Property division in divorce: What about the art?

Getting a divorce is a complicated process. In addition to filing the paperwork to initiate the divorce proceeding, the couple must go through negotiations on property division and, if children are present, navigate issues involving child support and child custody.

Could same-sex marriage be legalized in Georgia?

One important role that divorce serves is that it can allow married couples to split from one another with a fair division of assets. Such fair splits can help former spouses adjust financially to no longer being together. Some people may take divorce for granted, but there is a large demographic that can't take advantage of marriage laws in many states, including Georgia. However, it seems that this may not be the case forever.

Prenup at issue in NBA star's divorce

NBA point guard Raymond Felton is currently involved in a divorce with his wife of 19 months. While their marital split is currently unfolding in New York, Georgia residents, and especially those who have lived in numerous states, may be interested in how the laws in each state can lead to different divorce outcomes.

Is it possible to avoid some of the hassle of divorce?

There is no question about it: the divorce rate in Georgia and across the country is rising. For a variety of reasons, more and more people are choosing to marry and divorce (and sometimes marry and divorce again). While there is nothing wrong with leaving a marriage that doesn't work, the divorce process can be difficult, especially when a couple must go through complex asset division. There is certainly one way, however, to avoid some of the difficulty that comes with property division: a prenuptial agreement.

Keeping your money separate in complex division of marital assets

It may have been a very difficult decision to come by, but with divorce increasingly common in Emerson, separating from a spouse is not something you will be going through alone. For some of the top-earners in Emerson, however, it may be especially difficult to file for divorce, in part because of the complex nature of dividing marital assets. Especially for those individuals who married after already making a name for themselves, keeping their money and property separate during a divorce is incredibly important.

Will prenuptial agreement ruling change property division?

effects on the status of prenuptial agreements and property division in Atlanta. What was once thought to be iron-clad, a prenuptial agreement has been set aside on account of fraud. Although the husband who will be negatively affected by this decision plans on taking the case to the highest court in the state, this could still be the start of change within family law.

Know how much your house is worth for divorce

While many divorcing couples in DeKalb County will sell the marital home, split the proceeds and go on their respective ways, not everyone in Georgia wants to move following a divorce. Especially with low housing prices, expensive homes might not sell for as much as they are worth, so someone may wish to retain the home in the high-asset divorce. What is especially important, however, is to know exactly how much the home is worth.

Former model Liberty Ross and director Rupert Sanders to divorce

One common reason for the failure of long-time marriages is infidelity. When spouses wander it can be a sign of other problems in an unraveling marriage that would otherwise be headed for divorce.

This celebrity divorce involves a complex division of assets

When celebrities divorce in Georgia, one of the issues that may be relatively more complex will be the division of the marital assets. This is typically because individuals with a high net-worth have substantial and valuable assets that will be the subject of division.

Avoid common financial mistakes during divorce

Divorce has a way of reaching into every part of your life, whether it is social, financial or emotional. There are a few simple tips, however, that can prevent you from experiencing significant money problems after a breakup. And, anyone who has lost a considerable amount in a Marietta divorce in knows that avoiding financial hardship is an important goal during the divorce process. Unfortunately, many of the money mistakes made during divorce are made by women

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