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Posts tagged "joint custody"

Joint custody doesn't necessarily mean open communication

Several years ago, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" presented the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin, their twins and their sextuplets. It has been a while since the show has gone off the air, and there are some people in Georgia who may wonder whatever happened to the Gosselins. As many people know, the couple divorced and Kate has continued to work in the public eye. Jon, however, appears to be struggling to provide for his family.

Researchers find overnight visits may be detrimental to children

Our blog has talked extensively about the importance of joint custody for children and protecting both parents' rights to their children. Although the presumption in Georgia is that parents will share custody of children following a divorce, a custody arrangement is ultimately made in the best interests of a child. This may mean that one parent has very limited rights or no rights at all if having rights would be detrimental to the child's well-being.

Using mediation techniques to resolve post-divorce custody issues

For many of the parents in Kennesaw who have divorced, they are well aware that they will never really have their child's other parents out of their lives. Especially for those parents who have joint custody, they will have to interact with their exes on a regular basis, sometimes daily. Although some of these parents have been able to develop a friendship or at least are cordial, others must use a child custody attorney to communicate with their former spouses.

Divorce doesn't mean mothers and fathers will stop being parents

With all the intense emotions flowing during a divorce it is often difficult for separating spouses in Georgia to spend time together. The thought of seeing or talking with someone that cheated on you may be repulsive. Knowing that a spouse that broke your heart will be at a friend's birthday may be too much to handle. Even though there are emotional attachments that divorced or divorcing spouses have for each other, they will be unable to avoid each other if they have children together.

Has tragedy cost Usher child custody over his sons?

When parents get divorced in Georgia, there is some dispute about just how fair the family court system is to fathers. Whether it is the presumption that fathers have less interest in raising their children than mothers or that a father's rights to his children are somehow less than those of a mother's, fathers should have equal access to their children. Earlier in the year, this blog reported on one famous father's attempt to gain custody of his children: Usher.

'Will and Grace' star Debra Messing to divorce husband

Nearly everyone in Canton, Georgia, has heard of the hit television show "Will and Grace" and its quirky female star, Debra Messing. Though her tenure on "Will and Grace" has ended, her career certainly hasn't. The actress is currently starring in a new television show called "Smash," but it is what is happening off-screen that is generating interest in the famous red-head.

Court forced to recognize that man isn't child's father

The "traditional" family -- married parents and a couple of children -- may not be as prevalent as it once was. There are many families in Atlanta with mothers, fathers, step-mothers, step-fathers, half-brothers and -sisters, step-brothers and -sisters, and so much more. Sometimes it is difficult for men to preserve their parental rights and the families they create have very specific legal complications.

Child custody handoff facility could lessen domestic violence

For many parents in Georgia that share physical custody of their children, there is a fear that the children's other parent may injure then when they drop the children off as part of a child custody agreement. For marriages that ended because of domestic violence, shared parenting time could present many problems. Even if the parent doesn't fear injury, he or she may be worried that the other parent may start a fight in front of the children.

Helping children cope with divorce

Children can be affected in many different ways by the divorce of their parents. Depending on the child custody arrangement, children may end up living with either of the parents for a majority of the time and see the other parent periodically. If the parents live within close proximity, they may have joint custody. Under either scenario, it can be difficult for parents and children to reconnect when they have been apart.

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