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'Sesame Street' tries to talk about divorce, again

Oftentimes, divorce can be a tricky concept to explain to young children. Just ask the bright minds at "Sesame Street," who have made a living off of teaching children valuable, and sometimes difficult, life lessons. Even those skilled researchers, producers and writers have grappled with the means to explain the concept of divorce to children. This is an effort Sesame Workshop -- the entity that produces Sesame Street -- will take another stab at soon.

Getting through the holidays without the kids is not impossible

As we approach the holidays, many newly divorced parents in DeKalb County are wondering what they will be doing this Thanksgiving. For many parents, the idea of spending a family holiday without their children is difficult, but it need not be impossible. Remembering that sharing child custody with an ex means that sometimes he or she has the children during major holidays, but it also means that there will be holidays during which you have the children, too.

Fostering communication with children after the divorce

At one point or another, Georgians have likely witnessed a dad trying hard to communicate with his children. The kids may ignore him, or they may occasionally give him a one word answer. This may be one of the many problems facing a noncustodial parent as he or she struggles to maintain relationships with the children after a divorce.

Divorce doesn't mean mothers and fathers will stop being parents

With all the intense emotions flowing during a divorce it is often difficult for separating spouses in Georgia to spend time together. The thought of seeing or talking with someone that cheated on you may be repulsive. Knowing that a spouse that broke your heart will be at a friend's birthday may be too much to handle. Even though there are emotional attachments that divorced or divorcing spouses have for each other, they will be unable to avoid each other if they have children together.

Sometimes divorce is better for children than staying together

It is undeniable that divorce is extremely serious and should only be undertaken after careful consideration and self-reflection. When someone in Atlanta does choose to go through with a divorce, however, it does not mean that he or she is doing something destructive. In many situations, divorce can be healthy for an individual and for his or her children. Though divorce can have an effect on your children, so can staying in a conflict-filled marriage.

Special needs children require a special divorce approach

Divorce is a challenging process under normal circumstances, but add a special-needs child into the mix and things suddenly seem a lot more complicated for people in Canton. Divorced individuals in Atlanta who co-parent a special-needs child need to pay special attention to child custody arrangements to ensure that their youngster is receiving the treatment and care for their specific conditions.

Divorce doesn't mean the end of communication in Georgia

Communication problems between two Marietta spouses may cause, or at least contribute to, the end of a marriage. Those familiar with divorce cases in Georgia, however, would say that the need for good communication doesn't end simply because the marriage is over.

Talks between parents, kids can ease child custody stress

Divorcing parents are almost always concerned for the welfare of their children. Many questions are raised as to how to deal with custody, even in the friendliest of divorces. One of the biggest things to consider in child custody cases is what the children want.

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