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Posts tagged "child support enforcement"

Child support payments are affected by where you divorce

Child support payments are designed to safeguard the financial future of children after their parents divorce. Since 2007, child support payments in Georgia have been calculated based on a number of new factors, including each parent's time with the child and the income of both parents. While a judge ultimately makes the child support decision, these factors significant part in determining the amount of child support payments.

Father arrested after failing to pay child support

If you are a single parent in Marietta and your former spouse is no longer paying the court-ordered child support, what do you do? A judge ordered him or her to pay you to help cover the costs of raising your children and his or her inability or lack of desire to pay is forcing you to figure out ways to afford all of the things your children need. Oftentimes, that means sacrificing one thing for another, weighing what are the most important things your children need.

Powerball winner can finally pay $29,000 in child support

For some noncustodial parents, the idea of paying child support seems arbitrary and, at times, unfair. Although it may not be entirely clear to many people how judges calculate child support costs or agree to a modification of support, one thing is certain: child support is designed with the best interests of the child in mind. Child support is meant to ensure that a child is not negatively affected, at least financially, by his or her parents' divorce.

Dennis Rodman in arrears for $500,000 in child support?

When children are involved in a divorce in Georgia, there are many issues that will surround them. Child support is one of these issues. Child support is also one of the issues that do not necessarily go away even after a divorce is finalized.

'Deadbeat' father in US owes $1 million in child support

It is a problem across DeKalb County, across Georgia and across the country: parents not paying the child support ordered by the court. Whether it is because the noncustodial parent is bitter that his or her ex is getting child support or because the noncustodial parent doesn't have the money, when a custodial parent doesn't get child support, it is the former couple's child that suffers. Ultimately, it is the children who are the primary benefactors of child support and they are the ones who are most injured when a parent fails to pay.

Court orders no more kids because father can't pay child support

It sounds like something out a dystopian novel, but a judge has recently ordered that a father may not have any more children until he can demonstrate that he can financially afford them. While the child support laws in Georgia are designed to protect single parents and children from poverty, some may see this use of judicial power to be extreme. What do you think? Should judges in Georgia be allowed to order someone not to have children until he or she can provide for them?

Kids pursue overdue child support from 9/11 advocate

Just because parents divorce doesn't mean that the noncustodial parent no longer has any responsibilities for his or her children. In order to keep his or her rights as a parent, a father or mother must continue to support the children. When parents don't, they start to accumulate considerable child support arrears. This is a reality for the three daughters of a 9/11 advocate, ages 24, 22, and 17, who claim they live without basic necessities because their father owes $81,421 in child support.

Child support amnesty payment plan a useful approach

Many Marietta parents who get behind on paying child support obligations may find that the amount owed quickly adds up, looking like an insurmountable debt. In one instance, a father's overdue support obligation to his five children reached a total of approximately $80,000. Not surprisingly, paying all of it at once and making his current payment was not a realistic prospect.

Evander Holyfield up against the ropes in child support case

Evander Holyfield has weathered his fair share of storms in the boxing ring. However, the former heavyweight champion is now facing a different type of fight. The state of Georgia is claiming that Holyfield owes $372,097 in unpaid child support for his daughter. Until the payments are made, the state is requesting that Holyfield be jailed and have his wages garnished.

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