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Posts tagged "child custody modification"

When extreme situations call for a change in child custody

In child custody disputes involving parents who both seek physical custody, one of the basic questions the court will ask regards the parents' ability to provide shelter, food and clothing for the child or children. Issues become more complex when questions arise as to whether a parent's behavior might be detrimental to the kids. If there is dispute over this matter, then each parent may have to provide proof to challenge the other's claims.

High court takes on international child custody issue

International child custody disputes can become a tangled legal mess in a hurry. That appears to be the case in a recent custody case between an Army sergeant based at Ft. Stewart, Georgia, and the mother of his 5-year-old daughter.

Usher tells Tameka to leave Georgia Estate under divorce settlement terms

Followers of this blog have read stories involving many different friction points that may arise during a divorce. Just last week, a post covered the difficulties divorced parents may face as we head into Thanksgiving week, commonly the gateway to the holiday season. Child support, child custody and other issues have been featured on this blog.

Child's role in beauty contest an issue in custody fight

A 6-year-old girl's participation in a child beauty pageant has become a hotly contested issue in a child custody battle between the girl's mother and father. The child was entered into the contest by the mother and dressed up to look like country western signer Dolly Parton. As part of her costume, her mother had her wear butt pads and a padded bra to look more like Parton, something the father believes was inappropriately sexual and exploitative.

Parenting plans may not consider children's changing interests

As joint custody becomes more popular in Georgia, questions have been raised about whether child custody decisions actually reflect what children need. Who is named the custodial parent is supposed to be based on the children's best interest. Family court judges in Georgia are supposed to determine whether a child will do best in a joint- or single-custody arrangement and whether the mother or father is best suited to be the custodial parent. Once that is set, however, it can be quite difficult to modify.

Usher embroiled in Georgia child-custody modification battle

The world-renowned pop singer Usher got married in 2007. While he and his wife had two children, their marriage ended shortly thereafter and they filed for divorce in June 2009. The divorce was finalized in November 2009 and part of the final divorce judgment was a child custody and visitation arrangement in which Usher was awarded joint custody of his children. Now, Usher's ex-wife has filed for child custody modification with the Fulton County Superior Court.

What's God got to do with child custody?

At one point, child custody decisions in Georgia focused on which parent would get the children for the holidays, but there was little about in which religion the child was to be raised. Now, however, there are an increasing number of divorced couples whose child custody agreements are spelling out the details of their children's religious instruction and practices. While some divorcing parents choose to be intentionally vague about religion in their divorce agreements, many may find themselves petitioning the court for a child custody modification as they rediscover their faith.

Obesity is now a factor in child custody decisions

As any Georgia family court judge knows, he or she must make a child custody decision with the best interest of a child in mind. While that may seem straight forward, what does that really mean? Is it in a best interest to move out of a home in Marietta, the only home a child has ever known, to move across the country? Is it in the best interest to award custody to a parent that makes more money, but has less time to spend with a child? These kinds of questions have long been considered by Georgia judges, but some may start looking at obesity as a factor in determining which parent should have physical custody over the children.

How to save money while co-parenting

It is clear that the economic recession has affected all of us and it is likely that many in Marietta are looking for ways to save money. While it may seem like you are paying more for things after a divorce, all without your former spouse's income, there may be some changes you can make to your parenting time plan that can save you some money. For parents that share custody of a child, following some simple tips could reduce your costs and possibly even provide you and your child with more time together.

How to settle child custody disputes out of court

Courts are often reluctant to allow the children involved in a child custody battle into the courtrooms, and for good reason. Judges have long believed that bringing a child into the courtroom can be a traumatic experience, potentially damaging the child's psyche. But there are options for Marietta parents seeking a divorce that can prevent the long, drawn-out battle that courts tend to offer, and settle child custody agreements in private and with the assistance of an attorney.

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