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Posts tagged "best interests of the child"

Ex-wife of NBA star takes her divorce frustrations to the streets

Venting one's anger or frustration is common and there are many men and women in Marietta who do just that all the time. Many of them do not, however, take to the streets to publicly shame the people with whom they are angry, but that is just what the ex-wife of NBA star Dwayne Wade did. Anyone in Georgia who followed Wade's career may also know of his very tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife, including being awarded sole custody of their children. For anyone who hasn't heard, his ex-wife has been seen on the streets with a sign that reads "NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets."

How dating before your divorce is final can be a problem

It may have been the most difficult conversation to have with a spouse, but deciding to get divorced does not suddenly make an individual single and ready to mingle. Although many people in Marietta likely start dating before their divorces are ultimately finalized, dating and signing up for an online dating profile could cause more problems than many may think. What would you do, for example, if you came across a soon-to-be ex's online profile and he or she doesn't mention that he or she has children?

Child custody may be difficult for parents with disabilities

When parents in Marietta divorce, one of the biggest challenges is determining who will have primary custody of the children. Assuming both parents want physical custody of the children, it is often up to the courts to decide which parent's home will be the primary place of residence. These decisions are based on the best interests of the children, but what exactly does that mean? Can parents with disabilities provide for the best interests of their children? Sadly, many courts have ruled that they can't.

Put your children first, even if it means getting along with an ex

No one in Cartersville would argue that divorce is not hard. Not only do husbands and wives have to divide assets, determine who should or should not get spousal support or have custody of the children, but there are numerous bitter, upset or angry feelings that come with the end of a marriage. For many divorcing couples in Georgia, there may be a great desire to have nothing to do with an ex-spouse ever again, but if a couple has children, it is extremely unlikely that will happen.

What role can obesity and physical health play in child custody?

We have previously talked about how some Georgia family court judges may start looking at weight in making their custody decisions, but the focus had almost always been on the weight of the child. The question that is now being raised is whether a Marietta parent's obesity should be considered when deciding who should have physical custody over the children.

Parenting plans may not consider children's changing interests

As joint custody becomes more popular in Georgia, questions have been raised about whether child custody decisions actually reflect what children need. Who is named the custodial parent is supposed to be based on the children's best interest. Family court judges in Georgia are supposed to determine whether a child will do best in a joint- or single-custody arrangement and whether the mother or father is best suited to be the custodial parent. Once that is set, however, it can be quite difficult to modify.

Georgia House agrees grandparents have visitation rights

A unanimous Georgia House of Representatives has recently decided that when it comes to a divorce, grandparents should also have some rights to their grandchildren. While many in Georgia may think that a divorce and child custody battle is only affecting the parents and the children, other family members sometimes get pushed to the side in a custody determination. While it seems that the current Georgia child custody laws do not protect grandparents, this bill would allow grandparents to spend at least 24 hours a month with their grandchildren.

Fathers with custody often participate in children's education

There are many Marietta parents who are going through a divorce and a common fear of fathers is whether they will get custody of their children. Although Georgia family courts should award joint custody between mothers and fathers, fathers who really want custody should do some simple things to help the court make a decision in their favor.

Obesity is now a factor in child custody decisions

As any Georgia family court judge knows, he or she must make a child custody decision with the best interest of a child in mind. While that may seem straight forward, what does that really mean? Is it in a best interest to move out of a home in Marietta, the only home a child has ever known, to move across the country? Is it in the best interest to award custody to a parent that makes more money, but has less time to spend with a child? These kinds of questions have long been considered by Georgia judges, but some may start looking at obesity as a factor in determining which parent should have physical custody over the children.

How to settle child custody disputes out of court

Courts are often reluctant to allow the children involved in a child custody battle into the courtrooms, and for good reason. Judges have long believed that bringing a child into the courtroom can be a traumatic experience, potentially damaging the child's psyche. But there are options for Marietta parents seeking a divorce that can prevent the long, drawn-out battle that courts tend to offer, and settle child custody agreements in private and with the assistance of an attorney.

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