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Posts tagged "paternity"

Michael Jordan update: the child isn't his, mother to pay fine

This past March, we brought you a story about Michael Jordan and a then-16-year-old boy from Atlanta who was believed to be Michael Jordan's son. The boy's mother had filed a paternity lawsuit, but suddenly dropped the claim, raising concerns about the validity of her claim. Well, the Atlanta mother never should have brought the case in the first place, it seems, since she had taken a paternity test in 2003 that confirmed Jordan was not the boy's father.

Atlanta teenager claims Michael Jordan is his father

It is common for teenagers to wish their parents were famous, but one 16 year old from Atlanta may actually have a father that nearly everyone knows: Michael Jordan. The Atlanta boy and his mother have filed a lawsuit against one of the most famous NBA players ever, claiming that the 50 year old is the father of the teen. According to the mother, she and Jordan first met in the 1980s and ostensibly had a relationship that lasted into the 1990s.

Georgia man jailed for child support says child isn't his

Nearly everyone in Marietta knows that when two people in Georgia divorce, one former spouse will pay the other child support if they have dependent children. Not only is this to make it easier for the custodial parent to raise the children, but it is also in the children's best interests, as they have access to more money for their needs. While loving parents may not be too upset to pay child support, it is a completely different matter when a parent has no relationship to the child. This story, however, calls into question what should happen if the noncustodial parent is not the actual parent of the child.

New law may grant fathers access to their children

Fathers in Georgia may know just how difficult it is to see their children. If you are divorced from or were never married to the mother of your children, you may face an uphill battle for custody of your children. If you've made some mistakes in your past, it may even be difficult for you to get unsupervised visitation with your children. Although spending time with your children may be difficult, imagine being denied complete access to your child because at the time the mother of your child was pregnant, she was married to someone else. Unfortunately, in some states, there are laws that assume the husband of the mother is the father of the child, even if there is DNA proof that says he isn't.

Mother dies in emergency delivery, custody battle brewing

A hit-and-run accident left a pregnant woman in the hospital just a week away from her estimated delivery date. She had been walking to work and was approximately 200 yards away when she was hit by a dark car. Although police continue to look for the driver, it is known that he or she never braked before the accident and never stopped to help the woman. Luckily, she was found by a doctor and taken to the hospital and put under observation. Despite showing signs of improvement, she unexpectedly died, but doctors were able to save her baby. Now, the father of the baby wants to exercise his paternal rights and has petitioned for custody of the child.

Actress January Jones refuses to name baby's father

An unmarried mother in Georgia or any other state is not legally obligated to name the father of her child. In fact, a number of moms choose not to name the father of their babies for privacy purposes. However, some say this practice infringes on fathers' rights.

Georgia steps up child support enforcement efforts

By law, parents who do not live with their children are obligated to make monthly child support payments to help the other parent cover the child's expenses. Stemming from a divorce or a paternity action, a child support order is enforceable. That means if a non-custodial parent fails to pay in a timely manner, he or she may face serious consequences.

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