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Posts tagged "parenting time/visitation"

How to make post-divorce holidays manageable

Holidays have always been a time of great stress. Even though most people in Atlanta love getting together with family members to celebrate, holidays also require planning, compromise and, at times, disagreement. For a Georgia parent who has just gone through a divorce, the first set of holidays can be extremely difficult. But navigating the holidays as a single parent can be extremely important, especially for children.

Court order of child support brings rapist into mother's life

It is undeniable that it is difficult for single mothers and fathers in Atlanta to raise children without the financial support of the children's other parents. This is the primary reason behind child support; Georgia family courts want to ensure that single parents have enough money to properly provide for their children, so they award child support. Child support, however, does mean that the noncustodial parent has some rights to his or her child. In some situations, this provides for considerable problems for a mother or father.

Fostering communication with children after the divorce

At one point or another, Georgians have likely witnessed a dad trying hard to communicate with his children. The kids may ignore him, or they may occasionally give him a one word answer. This may be one of the many problems facing a noncustodial parent as he or she struggles to maintain relationships with the children after a divorce.

Divorce doesn't mean mothers and fathers will stop being parents

With all the intense emotions flowing during a divorce it is often difficult for separating spouses in Georgia to spend time together. The thought of seeing or talking with someone that cheated on you may be repulsive. Knowing that a spouse that broke your heart will be at a friend's birthday may be too much to handle. Even though there are emotional attachments that divorced or divorcing spouses have for each other, they will be unable to avoid each other if they have children together.

Put your children first, even if it means getting along with an ex

No one in Cartersville would argue that divorce is not hard. Not only do husbands and wives have to divide assets, determine who should or should not get spousal support or have custody of the children, but there are numerous bitter, upset or angry feelings that come with the end of a marriage. For many divorcing couples in Georgia, there may be a great desire to have nothing to do with an ex-spouse ever again, but if a couple has children, it is extremely unlikely that will happen.

Has tragedy cost Usher child custody over his sons?

When parents get divorced in Georgia, there is some dispute about just how fair the family court system is to fathers. Whether it is the presumption that fathers have less interest in raising their children than mothers or that a father's rights to his children are somehow less than those of a mother's, fathers should have equal access to their children. Earlier in the year, this blog reported on one famous father's attempt to gain custody of his children: Usher.

For the children: making co-parenting work after a divorce

Your divorce is finally done and you are finally free to live your life again. While many people in Canton have this exact same feeling after they have completed the sometimes draining process of divorcing a former spouse, any divorcé(e) who has children with his or her ex will have to be continue to interact with that ex for the benefit of his or her children.

Parenting plans may not consider children's changing interests

As joint custody becomes more popular in Georgia, questions have been raised about whether child custody decisions actually reflect what children need. Who is named the custodial parent is supposed to be based on the children's best interest. Family court judges in Georgia are supposed to determine whether a child will do best in a joint- or single-custody arrangement and whether the mother or father is best suited to be the custodial parent. Once that is set, however, it can be quite difficult to modify.

Virtual visitation could be coming to a courtroom near you

There is an increasing number of children in Georgia that live with one parent and only see the other parent on holidays or over summer break. This situation is almost never because the parent or child don't want to see each other, but because the parent and child live apart. Across the country, there are approximately 10 million children who only have infrequent or limited in-person contact with one parent.

"Top Chef" host's ex gets greater custody rights to daughter

Georgia readers may be interested to know that the well-publicized courtroom battle between former model, cookbook author and current host of the ever-popular cooking show "Top Chef," Padma Lakshmi, and her former boyfriend has finally concluded. The child custody controversy began in early 2011 over the estranged couple's now-2-year-old daughter.

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