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Posts tagged "income"

Number of grandparents as primary caregivers on the rise

Most of our readers, when it comes to child custody, generally think about a primary caregiver as either the mother or father. Although family law courts here in Georgia are becoming more open to the issue of fathers’ rights and making more dads the primary caregiver, it may be grandparents soon that will need the courts to change their views on custody, especially because the number of grandparents as primary caregivers continues to rise.

Is child support adjusted if a spouse's job situation changes?

There are a lot of financial things that need to be sorted out when it comes to filing for divorce. Aside from dividing assets, couples with children also have to determine who will pay child support as well. This can get difficult though if a spouse doesn’t have a job at the time of a divorce or loses their job unexpectedly after support payments have already been established. And with financial stability always in the back of many divorcing couples’ minds, it’s worth asking if a change in a job situation can change child support payments down the road.

Should legal counsel be provided if you can't afford it?

When it comes to matters of child custody, our readers may have a lot of questions. And because every situation is unique, that leaves a lot of different answers that cannot be easily summed up with a single blog post. For this post, we wanted to focus on one particular question that many of our readers might be thinking but may not want to ask because it involves the sensitive subject of finances and a person's ability to seek counsel. Presenting the question in the form of a fictitious, yet real-life scenario, we hope to raise this question in the minds of our readers as well.

The parent with primary physical custody files for financial aid

There are a number of parents in Acworth who have contemplated divorce but try to work things out "for the children." Once the children move out and go to college, however, there are a number of couples who choose to finally end an unhappy marriage. Although it may be difficult for a child to return home from college to learn that his or her parents are divorcing, there are very practical questions that a young adult may have, including which parent will file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Housing facility opens to help grandparents raising grandchildren

The first-ever facility designed to help grandparents raise their grandchildren has opened, and, if successful, it may spread to Georgia. Although many people in Austell think about families with a mother, a father and children, there are an increasing number of grandparents raising their grandchildren. Whether it is because the children's parents are unfit or have died, when grandparents have custody of the children, they often have concerns that parents might not have.

Dramatic increase in number of mothers as heads of household

For years, many women in Cobb County made less than their husbands, but times are changing and it is estimated that 40 percent of women are the primary breadwinners. This means that either Georgia women are making more than their husbands, or that they compose a single-parent household. The is a dramatic increase from the only 11 percent of women who were breadwinners in the 1960s.

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