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Overnight guests a bad idea for divorcing parents

Divorce proceedings can be very difficult and very stressful, but this may be especially true if children are involved. If a dispute over child custody arises, then the court will consider the fitness of each parent when deciding on an appropriate arrangement that protects the child's best interest.

Who gains custody of frozen embryos in a divorce?

Presenting our readers with real-world scenarios is one way that we explain the complexities of family law and provide residents here in Georgia with useful information for the future. Take for example the very real-world scenario of a couple deciding to try in vitro fertilization. For many couples across the nation, this is the only option they have for conception. And while most couples choose to focus on the positives that can come out of such a technological advancement, it's advancements such as this that can also cause legal problems as well.

Man discovers wife wanted divorce through murder plot

It's often difficult for some spouses to bring up the topic of divorce with their partner. For some, divorce is like giving up while for others, divorce is a way to escape a toxic situation. Sometimes, a spouse doesn't even find out about the possibility of a separation until after the paperwork has been filed. Such was the case for one Michigan man whose story of divorce is a reminder to couples here in Georgia about just how complicated this process can get.

Avoid common pitfalls during your divorce

While there are definitely some benefits to having divorce become more commonplace in Atlanta, there are also some problems. One of the biggest problems is that with more people divorcing, the more people there are who are ready and eager to throw out their opinions on how to have the "best" divorce. Making the decision to get a divorce was certainly difficult, but anyone in Atlanta who is starting the process would be best served by working closely with a family law attorney.

Getting a divorce means using a divorce attorney

Although some people in Cobb County may try to work out a divorce settlement with their spouses on their own, it is highly recommended that anyone who is considering ending a marriage use a divorce attorney. It makes sense that some people would attempt to go through a divorce without a family law lawyer -- hiring an attorney comes at a price -- but the cost of messing up a divorce or inadvertently giving a former spouse everything far outweighs the cost of hiring an experienced and competent attorney.

February has the highest number of divorce filings of the year

It may seem ironic that the month in which Valentine's Day is also the month in which the highest number of divorces are filed, but some people within the family law field believe that the holiday itself may be a cause for the spike in divorces. For anyone in Atlanta whose Valentine's Day confirmed that his or her marriage is all but over, this may come as no surprise.

'Sesame Street' tries to talk about divorce, again

Oftentimes, divorce can be a tricky concept to explain to young children. Just ask the bright minds at "Sesame Street," who have made a living off of teaching children valuable, and sometimes difficult, life lessons. Even those skilled researchers, producers and writers have grappled with the means to explain the concept of divorce to children. This is an effort Sesame Workshop -- the entity that produces Sesame Street -- will take another stab at soon.

Allegations of domestic violence color child custody decision

The people of Kennesaw may remember hearing about a transgender man who had gotten pregnant and gave birth to three children with his wife. For nine years he, his wife and three children lived as a happy family, but he recently announced that he and his wife were filing for divorce. Unlike many child custody cases, this is far from normal.

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