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Posts tagged "criminal charges"

Former Atlanta Braves star Andruw Jones to divorce

Former Atlanta Braves superstar Andruw Jones was recently served divorce papers from his wife of 10 years. The 35-year-old outfielder may not have been all that surprised by the divorce filing, as he was arrested Christmas morning at his Duluth, Georgia, home on charges of domestic violence against his wife, Nicole Jones.

Woman goes to extremes in husband's child custody case

No one in Smyrna who is in the middle of a child custody dispute would call it easy. Even if a former husband and wife get along well and separated amicably, when it comes to child custody it is likely to get somewhat contentious. This blog has covered some of the things that ex-spouses will do to try and convince a judge that they are the better parent and why they should receive primary or sole physical custody. Sometimes, these antics can get out of hand and, on occasion, are downright illegal.

Court order of child support brings rapist into mother's life

It is undeniable that it is difficult for single mothers and fathers in Atlanta to raise children without the financial support of the children's other parents. This is the primary reason behind child support; Georgia family courts want to ensure that single parents have enough money to properly provide for their children, so they award child support. Child support, however, does mean that the noncustodial parent has some rights to his or her child. In some situations, this provides for considerable problems for a mother or father.

Child support amnesty payment plan a useful approach

Many Marietta parents who get behind on paying child support obligations may find that the amount owed quickly adds up, looking like an insurmountable debt. In one instance, a father's overdue support obligation to his five children reached a total of approximately $80,000. Not surprisingly, paying all of it at once and making his current payment was not a realistic prospect.

Terrell Owens in trouble in Atlanta again, could lead to jail

We have talked about Terrell Owens before and the long-standing child support battle he has had with the mother of one of his children. There have been numerous stories in Atlanta and on this blog about Owens' decision not to pay the $5,000 a month he was originally ordered to pay. Now, however, a Fulton County judge has threatened to put Owens in jail if he does not comply with the court orders.

Evander Holyfield up against the ropes in child support case

Evander Holyfield has weathered his fair share of storms in the boxing ring. However, the former heavyweight champion is now facing a different type of fight. The state of Georgia is claiming that Holyfield owes $372,097 in unpaid child support for his daughter. Until the payments are made, the state is requesting that Holyfield be jailed and have his wages garnished.

Imprisoned for missing child support? Georgia parents file suit

Marietta parents want to provide for their children and often spend more than they should to ensure their children are well-cared for. When parents divorce, however, one parent is forced to pay child support. While most parents don't object to paying child support, it is sometimes difficult to afford the court-ordered payment and many parents need to reduce their child support payments. If the court refuses to modify the support order or the parent hasn't filed a request to modify, a Georgia court could find the parent in civil contempt and jail him or her.

Nasty divorce tactics lead to DUI arrests and FBI investigations

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a criminal investigation and your soon-to-be former spouse is using your criminal charges against you in family court. As any Georgia resident going through a divorce knows, divorce is not always nice. Even if you and your ex have gone through mediation, he or she may pull some dirty tricks in order to convince a divorce judge to give him or her a more beneficial divorce settlement or child custody agreement.

Georgia does not provide attorneys for child support hearings

There are possibly millions of children and custodial parents in Georgia who rely on child support payments to cover things like food, insurance or school costs. What happens, however, when a non-custodial parent can't afford his or her child support payments? The first thing a parent should do is to contact an attorney and seek a modification of child support. Modifications allow for changes in circumstances that affect your ability to pay, such as the loss of a job.

Family wants custody of children after mother's homicide

Lawrenceville, Georgia, was the recent location of an important child custody showdown. A grandfather filed for custody of his nine- and 12-year-old granddaughters after their mother and his daughter was found dead shortly after having an argument with her husband. Although the husband has not been charged with any involvement in his wife's death, police have ruled the death a homicide and he remains the only suspect.

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