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Posts tagged "Fathers' Rights"

Controversial fathers' rights bill proposed in Missouri

Abortion is a very controversial topic in our society. The debate usually centers around to what extent the involved individuals get to choose: does the unborn child not have the right to choose whether it lives or not, and does the expectant mother not have the right to choose what happens in her own body. Very rarely is the choice of the father ever seriously considered, but that is precisely what one Missouri lawmaker is approaching.

What does "fathers' rights" mean?

Fathers’ rights is a phrase that has been gaining popularity in the last few years, supported by years of data that seem to indicate a gender bias in custody agreements. While more women have been granted sole custody of children in the past, this is not necessarily indicative of a gender bias. It is important to remember that courts have always considered custody agreements that are in the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, this is a very subjective concept, and it does little to comfort fathers who cannot see their children often.

Stand up for your rights as a father

When parents separate, often they still both want the best for their child. Many children in Georgia grow up in the primary care of one or the other of their parents, seeing the other less frequently. Nevertheless, they still grow into happy, well-balanced individuals. Families come in all shapes and sizes and it is the love and respect within them that counts, not the configuration of the family unit.

We fight for fathers' rights

Child custody is usually one of the most hotly contested topics in a divorce, with both parties wanting to remain as involved as possible in their children’s lives. There are those who believe that men are treated unfairly in custody cases, which could cause concern for some fathers if they are facing divorce. Fortunately, evidence shows that it is better for children to have both parents in their lives through joint custody.

Is there a bias toward women in child custody cases?

Many people believe that women are more likely to be given child custody in a divorce case than men, simply because of their gender. This belief is not entirely without merit, as there has been much supporting data to prove that women have often been given sole custody in previous decades. However, contemporary legal precedent acknowledges that having both parents involved in their lives is usually better for children, and we have seen many more cases of joint custody, particularly in Georgia, where parenting time arrangements are often split completely evenly.

How deal with an ex just long enough for the holidays

While the holidays are dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year,” it may not be so for divorcing couples with children. In fact, people in the throes of divorce (as well as those who have been divorced for years) loathe this time of year. The same could be said for parents who were never married but are still vying for time with their kids for the holiday season.

Mother ignores court orders that award visitation to father

For many fathers across the state of Georgia, it can oftentimes feel like the courts are against you. If you ask most people across the nation, they will tell you that fathers are the neglected side in most child custody cases, constantly fighting for their right to see their children. Although many family law courts across the nation are  starting to give fathers a fair crack in custody battles, many men still experience bias or find themselves facing an uphill battle against their ex-spouse who may not like what the courts ask of them.

Father fights to regain custody of abducted children

Fathers who live in Marietta may sympathize with the plight of a man who is awaiting a ruling from an Argentinian court. The court will determine when he can see his children again. They were abducted more than three years ago by their mother and taken to Argentina after the man was named the primary residential parent by a U.S. court.

Father attempts to find children he hasn't seen in 30 years

For parents going through a divorce, the worst though imaginable is likely not being able to see your children again. In some particularly grueling child custody battles, as some of our Georgia readers know, this can happen. Unfortunately for some parents, they may still be forced to pay child support despite not having the right to see their children though. In the end, this can have a strain on not only the children but the parent as well.

The problem of parental rights over a baby born via surrogacy

Surrogacy is becoming an increasingly common way to have children for couples and single people in the Atlanta area, yet surrogacy also raises considerable questions about who has rights over the child. Still a very small minority of individuals using surrogacy, single men hoping to become fathers need to both understand their parental rights, and how to protect them in case a birth mother or egg donor tries to fight for child custody. While it is not likely that they would do so, single fathers relying on surrogacy must do whatever they can to minimize those risks in order to preserve their families and the immense investment they have made to have children.

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