What’s Important In A High-Asset Divorce Lawyer?

Know Your Priorities

Your lawyer will play an important role in successfully navigating divorce, but there are certain things you can do to aid your own case. For example, it helps to think about your own goals for the divorce prior to first meeting with an attorney. Is keeping your business intact the primary goal? Is alimony a concern? Has there been or is there the potential for issues involving family violence protective orders?

Understanding your own situation and goals will allow you to ask informed questions of your lawyer. And because good divorce lawyers will work hard to reach the goals you establish together, your own input can play a large role in the divorce process.

The Right Skill Set

Still, there are certain traits of successful high-asset divorce lawyers that you can look for prior to first meeting with a potential attorney.

Below are five characteristics to look for in a high-asset divorce attorney:

  • Capability. Not all divorce firms can handle all issues. Your divorce lawyer should have the right kind of experience relevant to your case. A cut-rate lawyer may be fine for a simple divorce, but if you need to protect your business or retirement or have complex issues involving business valuation, protecting your professional practice or how to best valuate and divide stock options, you need an attorney who has handled these issues.
  • Credentials. Lawyers develop a reputation over time. Can judges trust your lawyer to always show up meticulously prepared? Has he or she been involved in the community or in professional associations? Having a lawyer with a good track record who is respected by local judges and opposing counsel can make obtaining a favorable resolution easier.
  • Integrity. A good divorce attorney will tell you the truth, even if it is not what you want to hear. While your attorney will ultimately only take legal actions you agree are in your best interest, you should be fully informed prior to making important legal decisions related to your divorce.
  • Communication and personal compatibility. Divorce is a personal matter. You must develop a relationship with your family law attorney based on mutual respect and trust. Is your attorney available to answer questions? Does he or she take your goals into account? Your lawyer (and importantly, the staff) should be responsive to your needs.
  • Relevant and local experience. There is simply no substitute for the practical knowledge obtained through experience. It is not just being able to handle a task or knowing the law. Local experience allows you to accomplish tasks effectively and avoid legal obstacles. This can save you money, stress and uncertainty.

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