Are You Worried About Scorched-Earth Behavior?

Greater Assets Could Mean A Fiercer Fight

All divorces are emotional to some extent. Even amicable divorces can involve disagreements and strong sentiments. In some cases, however, uncontained emotions, a couple’s history or one party’s desire to walk away with a greater than fair share of the marital finances can result in particularly hostile proceedings.

A Shield Against Harassing Tactics

At Gentry Law Firm, LLC, we always try to diffuse situations in which emotions are clouding judgment or making it more difficult to reach a resolution for our clients. We handle your legal matter competently, aggressively and with an eye toward quickly resolving issues with your interests in mind. Our approach is logical and meticulous, and we always seek to resolve issues by minimizing points of dispute.

If it is not possible to negotiate reasonably with the opposing party, we act as a guardian against strategies meant to discourage, delay or throw obstacles in your way.

With over 30 years’ experience as a litigator, Bill Gentry has the practical experience to guide clients through even the most contentious divorces. A veteran courtroom attorney, Mr. Gentry has seen his fair share of methods that are not meant to move the divorce forward. He can respond appropriately based on the accumulated knowledge gained from decades of representing clients in divorce throughout Cobb County, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

We Fight Fire With Fire When Appropriate

When you are in our office, we are helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable guides. We are here for you throughout your case, responding to your concerns and answering your questions.

In court and at the negotiating table, we are your strong defenders. We stand up for our clients because our job is to protect your legal rights and finances. Our office will not tolerate unethical behavior from the other side. Mr. Gentry will do everything within the law to get you the outcome you desire and prevent you from being taken advantage of.

Navigating Contentious High-Asset Divorces Since 1986. Call Today.

Mr. Gentry knows what it takes to be successful in high-conflict divorces. We are able to vigorously protect you while allowing you to remain focused on your own needs.

We offer free half-hour consultations. If you are concerned you may be entering into a particularly contentious divorce or the opposing party will attempt to obtain an inequitable division of assets, it is vital that you have a lawyer on your side with the experience to navigate your divorce successfully. You can reach our office in Marietta by calling 770-884-4171 or contact us online here.