Assigning Assets, Dividing Debts

Preserving Quality Of Life

You worked hard throughout your marriage to contribute to your family’s well-being and the standard of living you enjoyed. Now that you are going through a divorce, you shouldn’t have to take a large step back. As you go through the complex process of dividing your assets, make sure you have an experienced Marietta, Georgia, property division lawyer in your corner.

Holding Onto Earned Assets

Georgia law says that property accumulated during a marriage should be equitably divided between the husband and wife. But what exactly does that mean? This will not necessarily be a 50-50 split. One spouse may walk away with more assets, while the other spouse may be faced with more debts to pay. Every divorce is unique. Attorney Bill Gentry has access to industry-leading experts invaluable in helping him trace what assets are considered part of the marital estate and the value of those assets. He is a skilled negotiator committed to protecting your share of the marital property, while fighting to help you keep your separate property.

Getting a divorce shouldn’t leave you at risk financially. Contact our Marietta property division lawyer today for a free initial consultation. He can outline the steps you can take to preserve your financial interest.

What Happens To The Business?

If a business hangs in the balance of your divorce, it is crucial to make sure it is accurately valued. If you are leaving the business in the hands of your spouse, it is important to make sure you are properly compensated for the business’s value as well as the hard work you have put into it.

Don’t Forget About Retirement Assets

In addition to business assets, it is important to remember that debts and most retirement plans like 401(k) plans are subject to division. It is important to keep all documents related to your assets and debts so that an accurate picture of your marital finances can be used to develop your case. If you have these documents, make sure they are safe and in a place where your spouse cannot seize or destroy them.

Since 1986, attorney William C. Gentry has provided clients with sound legal advocacy focused on protecting their financial interests when going through the divorce process in Cobb County and surrounding areas. He has tried cases before every divorce judge in Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding counties. He has the resources and skills to resolve the most complex family law issues, including high-asset divorces.

Contact Us To Protect Your Financial Interests

You are not expected to have all the answers, but attorney Bill Gentry is. When you have significant financial interests on the line, settle for nothing less than experienced representation. Mr. Gentry has handled hundreds of divorces in Cobb County and surrounding areas. He has what it takes to address the questions keeping you up at night. Many of your assets, including your family home, cannot be split down the middle. Attorney Bill Gentry will work relentlessly to protect your financial interests. To discuss your property rights with an accomplished property division attorney in Marietta, Georgia, call 770-884-4171 or contact us today for a free initial consultation.