Your Financial Interests Are Our Priority

Don’t Lose What You’ve Worked To Build

You have spent a great deal of time and effort to get to where you are today. Unfortunately, one of the greatest causes of financial insecurity in retirement is divorce. Amid the emotional turbulence of divorce and family law issues, you need an advocate on your side to protect your financial interests.

Experienced Counsel For High-Asset Divorce

Bill Gentry is a knowledgeable legal guide throughout a tumultuous time. Our law firm will be with you throughout your case to safeguard your financial interests. We pride ourselves on a responsive and compassionate approach to the practice of law that puts the rights of our clients at the forefront.

From our office in Marietta, Georgia, we help clients throughout Cobb County and surrounding areas with complex divorces involving:

In addition to our considerable knowledge regarding the financial aspects of divorce, we are ready to act on behalf of our clients in divorces that are particularly contentious. We protect our clients’ well-being in all aspects of divorce, including, if need be, from further emotional strain.

Our Resources Help Protect Yours

From a dedicated staff of legal professionals to a network of highly trained forensic accountants and private investigators, we put our team to work for you from the outset of your case. Our distinguished history of successful representation is based in large part on our commitment to providing our clients with every resource they need to reach their goals. We will take the time and effort required to capably and meticulously document your financial situation during your divorce.

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At Gentry Law Firm, LLC, we base our practice on finding unique solutions for our unique clients. With over 30 years helping individuals and families throughout Cobb County, we have the knowledge, experience and capability to guide you throughout your case. For an initial consultation with noted Marietta lawyer Bill Gentry, call today at 770-884-4171 or reach us online here.