Sound Guidance In Custody And Support Matters

Putting The Children First

Most parents place their relationship with their children at the forefront of divorce when minor children are involved. Since 1986, Bill Gentry has helped men and women preserve the well-being of children and family relationships, even during contentious and complex high-asset divorces involving custody disputes.

In addition to experienced legal guidance in child support and custody matters, we help parents with legal issues regarding:

Resolving Custody Matters In Children’s Best Interests

Bill Gentry will work closely with you to understand the unique needs of you and your children and fully explain your options for protecting your parental rights. Mr. Gentry will guide you through the divorce process, while helping you reach a custody solution in your children’s best interests. Having an attorney on your side who has been involved in custody disputes in all family law courts in Cobb County, Paulding County and Cherokee County can be invaluable. You can rely on Mr. Gentry to protect your interests with a knowledgeable, experienced and pragmatic approach.

Establishing Child Support

While guidelines exist to determine the appropriate amount of child support, it is not as simple as plugging a few numbers into a formula and arriving at a result. Judges have discretion within the guidelines, and it is possible to obtain a deviation from the guidelines under some circumstances.

Aggressively pursuing an agreement that is favorable to you can be the difference between a stable financial situation and struggling to meet your obligations. Bill Gentry can thoroughly examine your situation, look for hidden assets if circumstances warrant, and otherwise ensure that the court has all the information it needs before ordering a child support amount.

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