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Whether your marriage is ending or you were never married to your child’s parent, you shouldn’t expect to provide for your children alone. Under Georgia law, parents are responsible for supporting their children’s needs, even if they aren’t living in their homes.

At Gentry Law Firm, LLC, our focus is family law. Our Marietta family lawyers know a parent’s priority is securing their children’s futures. Getting adequate child support can be critical to achieving that goal. Our Marietta child support attorneys can help you accomplish that, whether by seeking child support or ensuring you aren’t paying too much.

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Georgia Child Support Laws


Based in Marietta, GA, our team of child support lawyers work closely with you to understand you and your children’s unique needs. We thoroughly explain your options while helping you reach a support solution in your child’s best interests.

Child Supports in Georgia: The Basics

Under Georgia law, both parents are responsible for providing for their children until their child reaches 18 years old, graduates from high school, emancipates, joins the military, or passes away. Child support can be extended in some cases, like if the child in question hasn’t graduated high school after their 18th birthday.

Child support can include covering costs like health insurance and the payment of medical or dental expenses.

How Does Custody Affect Child Support in Georgia?

Child custody plays a part in who gets assigned to make child support payments and how much they should pay. In many cases, the parent with primary physical custody will be the one who is paid child support.

The noncustodial parent is required to pay the child’s other parent for their efforts in caring for the child. Parents can share their children’s physical and legal custody, but the parent who spends less time housing or caring for their child will likely be the one paying the other parent.

How to Calculate Child Support in Georgia

Child support payments will be determined to care for the child’s best interests. A child support judge will evaluate various factors to decide how much the noncustodial parent should pay and balance that with what the parent is able to pay.

In 2007, Georgia adopted a structure for determining what should be covered in child support payments. Under the law’s current language, the court will consider both parents’ income and the number of children that need support.

Courts use a “support obligation table” to figure out how much child support is owed. When working on your support motion, you should supply your child support attorney with accurate information, so you’re arguing for the correct amount of support.

An Example of Child Support Calculation

A court will examine a couple’s combined income when evaluating payment totals, and a judge will look at how much they each contribute to the split. If two parents make $10,000 total per month, and one parent makes $7,000, that parent will likely contribute 70% of the child-related costs. The other parent making $3,000 contributes 30%.

The more children there are in a case, and the higher the combined income, the higher the child support obligation will be. Other factors could change that amount, and each case is unique. However, this example can help you understand how a judge will calculate child support payments in a case. A child support lawyer can help you calculate your potential child support.


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I would like to thank Mr. William Gentry and his great staff for giving me excellent service with my case. This law firm made this very difficult time more comfortable than I had ever expected. I highly recommend Gentry Law Firm for any of your family law issues. Again thanks to you and your staff!!!

L.B., 2022

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"Thank you for your hard work, caring for your clients, your prayers and kindness. This has been a long hard road but we look forward to the day we can start a new chapter. Again thank you."

WC Client, February 2020, 2022

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Bill, you and your staff have been so kind and professional and made me feel like I was not just "a number". I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the settlement.
Thank you!

NJ - 12/21/18, 2022

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I want to thank you for your very hard work and time spent on my case the last two years. I truly appreciate all your efforts and kindness that you have extended.

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Bill and staff were wonderful to work with. Great attention was taken into consideration for my sensitive case. They made a very difficult time in my life much smoother. His advice was great. Always a quick response. I would definitely recommend.

E.R., 2022

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What’s the Process for Obtaining Child Support in Georgia?


When you need to file for child support, you can work with the Georgia Division of Child Support Services or with a child support attorney. If you’re going through a divorce, you’ll likely already have a divorce lawyer who can help determine what you deserve.

Child Support Residency Requirements in Georgia

You or the other parent must be a resident of Georgia before you can ask the court to enforce a child support order. You’ll need ID, income information, and other documents to support your payment request. You can work with your attorney to complete the application for support in your county courthouse.

The child’s other parent will then be served with a notice you’re seeking child support. A hearing will be scheduled for both parents or their attorneys to present evidence against or for paying child support or payments of a certain amount.

Child Support Judgment

A judge will consider the variables in your case to determine how much child support is owed. Once a judgment is made, the parent’s child will need to start making child support payments. In Georgia, a parent cannot receive backpay prior to filing for child support, so it is imperative not to wait to file.

Can You Modify Child Support in Georgia?

Yes, If your circumstances have substantially changed, you can file a motion with the court to modify the previous order. You can file with the county clerk’s office. You’ll need documentation of your current income, your children’s expenses, and your spouse’s new or current income.

There will be a modification hearing before a judge. You’ll answer questions about your own expenses and earnings and anything about new partners or spouses and how they contribute to the household. If the judge believes there’s enough reason to change your child support payment amount, they will sign an order to change it, effective at the time of the signature.

How Often Can I Modify a Child Support Order?

These modifications can happen once every two years in typical circumstances. However, that period is waived under abnormal circumstances, like involuntary job loss, a change in parenting time, or one parent remarrying.

How Can a Marietta Child Support Attorney Help Me?


Working with the DCSS to apply for child support payments is possible.

However, a private attorney focused on family law will be able to give your case the attention necessary to get you the best outcome. A child support lawyer will understand Georgia’s laws and the nuances to calculating child support totals.

They can investigate your situation and help build a case against your child’s other parent. If you’re asking for support, the other parent may not cooperate immediately.

Your child support attorney will be able to fight for what you’re owed to support your shared child. They’ll use their knowledge of the law to ensure your case receives the attention it needs to be successful.

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