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International Divorce Done Fast

Even though our client was active-duty military stationed overseas, we were able to complete her divorce quickly!

Help for Working Parents & Those in Different States

We have many cases where our clients have non-standard work schedules – whether they’re airline pilots, active-duty military, traveling executives, or overseas contractors. We secure flexible parenting plans based on their work schedules to ensure they have significant parenting time with their children. We have the same success when our clients live in a different state than the other parent.

Overcoming Obstacles to Restore Custody

We fully support clients who have turned their lives around. Our client, recently released from prison, came to us a few years after a Court had ordered that he was not to have any contact whatsoever with his daughter. We filed a lawsuit to restore his parenting time, negotiated the dismissal of all restraining orders against him, started up immediate visits, and ensured his right to communicate with her every day.

Less in Child Support, More Parenting Time

When Covid hit, our client’s income tanked. Over his ex-wife’s objections, we convinced the Judge to reduce his child support by 40% (from $2,169/month to $1,300/month) and increase his parenting time by 30% (from two weekends a month to 50/50 time). Now he has his kids every other week!

Divorce Turned Criminal

Sometimes, things can get extreme during a divorce, and we can turn the tables. When a spouse had our client arrested, we partnered with his criminal defense attorneys to get the charges dismissed. 

At the final divorce trial, we convinced the Judge that the spouse had “embellished stories to the police and Magistrate Court” and had “wrongfully and knowingly endorsed and cashed three checks belonging to” our client. The spouse had also removed all the furniture from the marital residence. 

The Judge ordered the spouse to pay our client back in fifteen (15) days and return the furniture. When the spouse asked for half the equity in the marital residence, alimony, and half of our client’s retirement account, the Judge said NO.

I would like to thank Mr. William Gentry and his great staff for giving me excellent service with my case. This law firm made this very difficult time more comfortable than I had ever expected. I highly recommend Gentry Law Firm for any of your family law issues. Again thanks to you and your staff!!!

L.B., 2022

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