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Preparing for a Narcissist’s Smear Campaign During a Divorce


The term narcissist is being heard more often in Georgia and across the nation. One of the general characteristics of narcissism is having an unusually self-centered focus, which may cause harm to others. As reported by Psychology Today, a narcissist must always be in control, including when a relationship ends. The individual’s actions may not be without proclaiming that the other person is lying.

With the recent increased awareness, many individuals have begun to question whether their spouse might be a narcissist. If questioned directly by a Marietta divorce attorney, however, a true narcissist generally denies his or her hurtful actions. He or she may even begin to implant doubt by causing a spouse to believe that they are imagining issues that are not really there. Oftentimes, the psychological or emotional abuse caused by a narcissist is real, and believing otherwise may only result in further emotional injury. This often makes divorce mediation very difficult, but not impossible. 

Narcissists may seek revenge

When an individual begins to discuss their suspicions of a spouse’s narcissism with their friends, family or neighbors, the narcissistic significant other may begin to perceive that individual as an enemy worthy of revenge. Instead of apologizing or admitting any wrongdoing, a narcissist may begin a smear campaign to embarrass and hurt the other person.

The bruised ego may need to prove to itself that he or she is correct and that the other individual deserves some form of punishment or humiliation. With technology, however, a smear campaign may spread damaging personal information online through social media networks and websites that allow users to upload compromising photographs and texts.

Distancing oneself from a narcissist

Arranging a divorce from a narcissist may be complex, and discussing it with friends and relatives who are close to the individual might complicate the matter. One of the first things a narcissist may do is tell others that he or she is the real victim in the relationship. The smear campaign may also involve engaging others to convince a soon-to-be ex-spouse of their lasting love, when in reality, the truth might be otherwise. The best approach may be to seek some safe distance from the situation and consult with objective third parties, such as a Marietta family law attorney who can help plan for new and better circumstances.

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