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Parental Battle: Nik Pace vs Braylon Edwards on Child Support


Child support can be a source of stress and frustration for many parents. America’s Next Top Model finalist Nik Pace and New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards have been discovering just how difficult determining child support obligations can be as they continue to fight against each other in a very public battle. The story between these two sheds light on just how important it is to partner with an experienced child support attorney to aid your case, in this case, a high-asset divorce attorney is almost necessary.

In August of last year, Pace gave birth to Edwards’ child in Georgia. Edwards immediately filed in Atlanta to be recognized as the boy’s father. He was apparently surprised when Pace objected to his petition and allegedly sued him for up to $70,000 per month in child support in New York.

The mother’s child custody attorney claimed Edwards, who makes approximately $5 million a year, attempted to get the case litigated in Georgia because it is “traditionally less generous with child support payments.” They succeeded in having the case dismissed in Georgia and moved it to New York, where Pace moved after Edwards was traded to the Jets.

Edwards denied that he was attempting to limit his spousal support obligation. Instead, he insists he was simply trying to do the right thing for his baby. Pace’s main residence is in Georgia, she is registered to vote in Georgia and she gave birth in Georgia. That is why he chose to file papers in Georgia, he said. Further, he has apparently been paying child support since the baby was born and wants to be a part of the boy’s life.

Pace disputed that Edwards has attempted to take part in the baby’s life. She noted that she had encouraged him to be present when the child was born, but he declined to do so. Further, she said that Edwards has failed to sign the birth certificate, which makes it impossible for the baby to take the father’s last name. Also, Pace denied that she requested a specific settlement in the amount of $70,000 per month.

In Georgia, courts generally take into consideration the income of both parents, the amount of time each spends with the child, daycare expenses, and health care costs when determining a support obligation. However, it is important to know that each state has different support guidelines. While this can be a challenging topic for parents, it is critical that all parties keep the child’s best interest in mind and if needed, hire a Georgia divorce mediation lawyer.

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