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How Do I Choose A Divorce Lawyer in Georgia?


Around half of all marriages end in divorce. If you decide to end your marriage, you’re probably considering hiring a divorce attorney. With so many law firms in the Cobb County area, you need to choose carefully.

You could be questioning whether you need an attorney at all. There are options to filing for divorce on your own. However, hiring the right Marietta divorce attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your divorce.

There are several factors to consider before you choose a divorce attorney to represent you.

Do Your Research

Your needs will likely determine whom you hire to represent you in a divorce. Divorces involving children or highly valued assets can influence the attorney you pick.

Consider your circumstances before you make a decision. Your attorney will affect the outcome of your divorce. Hiring the right person gives you the best chance at stability and a protected future.

If you understand what you want from your divorce, finding an attorney that fits those needs will be easier. You’ll probably have questions no matter what, but research can help reveal what you don’t know.

Find an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Determining your goals for your divorce can help you as you start looking for the best family law attorneys in your area who might represent you. You can do research online and through word of mouth. Maybe you know someone who recently needed a divorce lawyer and can recommend one to you.

Most attorneys will list any certifications or results on their website. There are professional services that collect reviews. These can guide you to an attorney that fits your expectations.

You should be looking for a lawyer who practices family law. Some attorneys cover various practice areas, like criminal defense, family law, or bankruptcy law. You need to consider how effective a lawyer can be if they aren’t focused on family law.

Check the Attorneys’ Qualifications

Once you’ve made a list of attorneys you might hire, you should check that they’re qualified to help you. You should look at several things that impact your decision to hire them, like:

  • How long have they been practicing? — When you hire a divorce attorney, you want one who knows the nuances of Georgia’s divorce laws and has experience using those laws firsthand to help clients.
  • Do they fit your needs? — While many attorneys might understand family law, you might be looking for one with more experience drafting child custody agreements or taking divorces to trial.

What Should You Ask the Divorce Attorney?

As you narrow down the list of lawyers to hire for your divorce, you should have specific questions to ask.

Hiring an attorney in Marietta isn’t something you should rush. You want to ensure you find the right candidate for you and your divorce. Don’t let anyone pressure you into hiring one before you’re ready.

You can ask them if:

  • Your case will be a priority — Divorces should not be taken lightly. They can cause considerable upheavals in your life. Attorneys usually have more than one client at a time, but you should consider one who will make sure your case progresses.
  • They know how long the divorce will take — Although no lawyer can guarantee an exact timeline of your case, a knowledgeable attorney can look at your case and its circumstances to give a reasonable estimate. Be wary of any lawyer that promises a quick resolution or exactly how long the divorce process will take; they could be looking to get you on the hook for expenses quickly.
  • They are readily accessible — The common Bar complaint filed against attorneys is that they just stop responding to their clients. While availability may depend on court appearances, you should feel confident that your lawyer or legal team will respond to you in a timely manner or provide a reliable contact method so you don’t have to chase them down.

Consider the Cost of Hiring a Georgia Divorce Lawyer

Divorces can be pricy, and you’ll want a lawyer that doesn’t increase that price beyond reason. While you should be hiring within your budget, you probably shouldn’t hire a lawyer who promises an extremely low cost for your divorce. They could be trying to guarantee you hire them without question – only to provide subpar legal service.

You could ask an attorney to break down the costs of a typical divorce and what they might charge for your situation. More complex cases may require outside experts, like forensic analysts or private investigators, to get to the bottom of hidden assets or affairs. Being upfront with your attorney about the details of your case will help you have realistic expectations of what you will likely be paying.

Is this Attorney the Right Fit?

Once you’ve had a chance to do your research and meet potential attorneys, you’ll need to decide who to hire. You’ll need to consider whether they’re responsive and listen to your concerns. If an attorney has a reputation for getting results but isn’t communicative with their clients, is that the right attorney for you?

Do you want a qualified attorney for the right price who will speedily answer your questions and an attorney who will put you first?

Finding a family law attorney who meets your needs and won’t break the bank might seem like an overwhelming task, but there are family lawyers in Marietta to help you.

Call Gentry law to Help With Your Divorce

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