Many Georgia residents who have complex issues to figure out in their divorce proceedings may feel that they have to go to court to achieve resolution and marriage dissolution. That is not actually true. Even complex divorce cases can benefit from mediation.

What is mediation? Why should I consider it? Can it really work with the type of issues that are present in my divorce case?

Mediation is…

Mediation is taking over the family law world by storm. More people want a better way to end their marriages than litigation. Those who choose mediation can avoid court and set divorce terms that are unique to their family’s needs, so it is certainly worth considering.

Those who choose mediation are choosing to negotiate their divorce terms themselves. A mediator presides over any meetings in order to keep the conversation going, to keep things civil and to answer any questions you might have about state divorce laws. A mediator is not to take sides.

Some people are afraid that opting for mediation means that they do not have the right to retain legal counsel. This is not true. You certainly can have an attorney helping you achieve a settlement that is fair, balanced and in compliance with state laws.


As previously stated, mediation keeps your divorce out of court and gives you the opportunity to decide what dissolution terms best fit your family’s needs. Other benefits of mediation include:

  • Money savings
  • Privacy
  • Respectful parting
  • Informal setting
  • Time savings

Not everyone wants to fight things out in court. Not everyone wants their divorce terms made available to the public — which can happen if your case goes to trial. Not everyone wants to spend thousands upon thousands in legal fees, and not everyone wants to drag out a divorce any longer than is necessary. Mediation can eliminate all of these things.

Can it work in complex cases?

Yes, it can. However, in order for mediation to work, it requires that both parties be willing to negotiate.

Mediation is not a process that one party should use to take advantage of the other. Spouses who are willing to talk, who are willing to give and who are willing to take the time to find solutions to complex issues can successfully dissolve their marriage through mediation. It is not a perfect fit for every divorce case, but under the right circumstances, it is a great alternative to litigation.