While many in Georgia who marry hope their bonds will last a lifetime, some believe it is more realistic to assume the marriage will end in divorce. After all, for decades couples have heard the discouraging statistics that half or more of all marriages do not survive.

This number may be grossly exaggerated, and more recent studies show the rate of divorce around 39 percent. Yes, it seems that more marriages are lasting than in past decades. However, even this statistic can be misleading, and it does not take into consideration many important factors about marriage and divorce.

This is not your parents’ marriage

Young people think about marriage differently from the way their parents and grandparents saw it. In past generations, marriage was a starting point. You and your spouse married young and started life as partners, struggling through first jobs and building your nest egg together. However, this is not the way people marry anymore, particularly millennials. You may even see yourself in some of these interesting facts about modern couples:

  • You may have wanted a partner who could provide financial stability rather than someone who was a soul mate.
  • You may also have decided to delay marriage until you established your own financial security.
  • Often, couples like you already have steady careers before they marry and may have money, investments and retirement plans they are not willing to commingle with their spouses’ assets.
  • Higher-income couples are more likely to delay living together until after they have dated awhile and less likely to have an unplanned child than lower income couples.
  • Couples who have an unplanned child before getting married are more likely to divorce within a few years than a couple who does not have a child outside of wedlock.

As you can see, the divorce rate may be lower for the simple reason that more couples in their 20s and 30s are putting off marriage or dismissing it altogether. If you delay marriage to get your degree, establish your career and create some financial security for yourself, you may eliminate one common cause of divorce: money trouble.

Nevertheless, there is no real predictor of what keeps a marriage together and what may cause its breakup. If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, you certainly want to protect the assets you worked hard to obtain prior to and during your marriage. Seeking quality legal representation is a good way to improve your chances of a fair property division.