When you first filed for divorce in an East Cobb County court, you may have already started to worry about what types of obstacles your spouse might try to use to delay proceedings or simply to cause you stress as a way to get back at you. At best, you may be able to obtain a final decree with only a few minor snags along the way.

At worst, you could be tied up in an ongoing battle for months if the other party refuses to cooperate and chooses to act out of spite rather than fairness. This likely wouldn’t make the situation any easier to bear for you or your children, if you’re a parent. There’s a big difference, however, between your soon-to-be ex starting arguments or procrastinating when it comes to signing documents or other divorce-related issues and committing illegal acts, such as hiding assets to keep them from being subject to property division.

Know how to recognize the signs

Has your spouse been acting kind of strange lately? Have certain things happened that have made you wonder whether everything is on the up and up in your divorce? The following list includes issues that often signify a hidden asset problem. If one or more applies to your situation, you’ll want to learn what types of resources are available to help you rectify your situation:

  • If you have joint bank accounts and someone is making withdrawals without your knowledge, a first logical step to take is to ask your spouse about it. If you suspect the answer you get is less than forthright, you may want to further investigate the situation.
  • If you notice mail arriving to your door that carries names of banks or credit companies with which you’re not familiar, it might be a sign that your spouse has opened secret accounts to stash money.
  • Were you unaware that someone loaned your spouse money? If he or she says they are taking chunks of money out of your jointly owned accounts to pay back loans, you might want to verify this.
  • If the friend or relative who supposedly granted the loan appears nervous or upset when you ask about an alleged loan, there may be more to the story than you know.

Did you recently discover that your spouse opened a post office box with your local postal service? This is a means many spouses who hide assets use to hide paper statements coming in the mail.

There are other ways to hide assets, such as purchasing large ticket items while planning to sell them after the court finalizes the divorce. Perhaps your spouse asked his or her boss to delay a bonus or has been overpaying in taxes or on a monthly credit card bill. Such issues warrant inquiry because they may be signs that your spouse is trying to keep you from getting your hands on what is rightfully yours in divorce. Many Georgia spouses seek outside support to help them investigate suspected hidden asset situations.