If you are facing a divorce, you likely have serious concerns over your financial stability in the future. Money and division of marital assets are some of the most contentious and sensitive issues in a Georgia divorce, especially when there are valuable assets or a significant amount of money at stake.

A high-asset divorce can be particularly complicated and difficult, and many couples find that they must resort to costly litigation simply to get to a final order. However, this is not the only option available. It may be possible to avoid litigation altogether and pursue a fair outcome to your property division settlement through mediation. This form of dispute resolution can help you maintain more control over the terms of the final order, all while saving both time and money.

Mediating your property division settlement

Litigation is never your only option, even during a high-stakes and high-pressure divorce. Mediation offers both parties a neutral and respectful environment to work through all issues, especially those related to money, assets and property. A neutral third party will facilitate conversations and spur negotiations. Some of the benefits to choosing mediation for your high-asset divorce include the following:

  • It takes less time to work through the mediation process, even when addressing complex financial matters.
  • Mediation generally costs less than litigation.
  • This option can offer you a stronger say in what your post-divorce future looks like.
  • You may be able to negotiate for a stronger financial standing through the mediation process.
  • Generally, agreements reached through mediation tend to be stronger and more enforceable in the future.
  • It will allow you to keep sensitive financial information private and away from public access.

Whether you want to work for a share of business assets or you want to secure a financial order that allows you to keep specific assets, mediation allows you the opportunity to pursue an outcome that suits your unique and specific objectives.

Shielding your financial assets

Divorce can be an overwhelming time, especially because it may seem like your financial future is at stake. You may find it useful to explore the option of mediation in order to better understand how you can employ this option to shield your financial interests.

The end of a marriage is a complex and emotionally difficult process. There are ways that you can work to specifically protect yourself and pursue a financial settlement that allows you to have a prosperous and stable post-divorce future.