Researchers seem in constant search of answers about how marriage works. They want to know what attracts people to each other, what the main causes for divorce are and why second and third marriages have a greater chance of ending. 

Data compiled in a recent study focuses on the marital habits of financially stable men and women and has come to some conclusions that may surprise you.

Gender roles are changing radically

It may not be news to you that the roles men and women play in marriage have evolved over the generations. Fewer men are the family’s sole breadwinners, and fewer women are willing to rely on a husband for financial security. As men and women seek their independent fortunes, their opinions about remarriage are apparently at odds with each other, as illustrated in the following:

  • Among wealthy men, 80 percent look to remarry within five years of a divorce.
  • Among wealthy women, 70 percent said they would not remarry within ten years of a divorce, if ever.
  • Over 90 percent of wealthy divorced men want their new partners to have successful careers of their own.
  • Many successful divorced women will not marry men who have less money than they have.

One trend that researchers have noticed in recent years is the popularity of prenuptial agreements among women. Statistics show that about 46 percent more women are requesting premarital contracts of their future husbands than in years past.

Some researchers believe the more equitable growth of wealth among men and women reduces the need for interdependence. If you and your spouse are both financially secure, you may not need the support of the other as much as a couple who struggles financially.

Protecting your wallet as well as your heart

While many wealthy divorced men admit they remarry because of love, studies show that those subsequent marriages do not have the highest success rates. In fact, about 67 percent of second marriages end in divorce, and the odds are worse for subsequent marriages. If you are facing divorce for the second or third time, chances are you are concerned about your financial well-being.

Consulting with an attorney who has decades of experience helping people in Georgia protect their assets during a divorce may be to your benefit. Such an attorney will use every possible resource to help you through the divorce with your goals intact.