Thanks to changes in Georgia a few years ago regarding child support, the amount of payment required is subject to a number of variables. Prior to the year 2007, child support was simply a predetermined percentage of the parent’s income, so you could be pretty sure of what you would be paying in child support, and there was not much you could do to change that amount.

Ever since 2007, courts have begun to take into account the income of both parents, time spent with the child, health care costs, and even day care costs when determining child support payments. Because of this, there is very little predetermination when it comes to child support payments, and the judges have some discretion when setting the amount. Because of this, it is highly recommended that parents who are going through a divorce consult with an attorney about their case.

For those who are not familiar with Georgia’s child support laws, it can be very difficult to make a case that proves how much child support payment is fair both to receive or pay. In most cases, the parent who is paying child support feels that they are paying too much, and the parent who is receiving child support feels that they are not getting enough. In order to have the best chance possible at getting the child support arrangement you deserve, you will need the help of an attorney.

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