It is tough enough to go through a divorce when you have few assets to divide one can only imagine what is required when there are a great many assets to be divided. Normally properties owned by either person before the marriage stay with that person. In Georgia nearly everything acquired during the marriage is community property and must be divided at divorce. But getting a divorce should not financially destroy you, by any means.

It is important to have the assistance of someone who is experienced in high-asset divorce. He or she can help with the equitable division of property and assist in finding assets that may be hidden from you. The right attorney can help discover the true value of your estate and protect assets you have spent your life working to earn.

You may find that your spouse has been or is attempting to try claiming more than his or her due and is cutting you out of what is rightfully yours. Or you may find you have debts you don’t know about and are not anticipating that regardless of prior knowledge are shared legally and partially your responsibility.

A Georgia divorce attorney may be a great aid in helping you navigate the waters of a high asset divorce. They can find hidden assets. Make sure that the division of property is equitable. Even if your divorce is not a high asset divorce you may find you have questions this website could help you to prepare yourself for the days ahead.