Like every state, Georgia takes child support very seriously, including determining who must pay child support, how much they must pay and most importantly, ensuring that the owed child support is paid. This is important because child support is often a very hotly contested issue, with both sides lobbying about the numbers. Those who are owed child support often feel that they deserve more, and those who must pay often feel that they are required to pay too much.

Georgia’s Department of Human Services website has a detailed page that provides a step-by-step look at how child support cases are handled in Georgia. Within this webpage, the Department outlines the various ways in which support orders are enforced to ensure that non-custodial parents pay what they owe to provide for their child’s well-being. It also explains the consequences that non-custodial parents may face if they fail to obey their support order.

Those who believe that they can get away with ignoring their child support orders should be aware that they could face more than just having to repay the child support they missed. Non-custodial parents who are found to be disobeying the support orders can have their wages garnished or their tax refunds intercepted, but they could also have licenses (including driver’s or fishing licenses among others) suspended.

Of course not everyone who fails to make their child support payments are trying to dodge the responsibility. Some people cannot make the payments due to changing circumstances that have left them with less income than they had at the time the support order was made. Such individuals should know that they can meet with an attorney to discuss their case, and they could have the support order modified to reflect their new circumstances.