Abortion is a very controversial topic in our society. The debate usually centers around to what extent the involved individuals get to choose: does the unborn child not have the right to choose whether it lives or not, and does the expectant mother not have the right to choose what happens in her own body. Very rarely is the choice of the father ever seriously considered, but that is precisely what one Missouri lawmaker is approaching.

A proposed bill in Missouri would require a pregnant woman to receive written and notarized consent from the father of the unborn child before getting an abortion. Victims of rape would be exempt from this law if it were to pass, but the same bill was proposed last spring and failed to become law. Still, there is always the possibility that the bill may become law this time around, and it has many women’s rights groups angry.

While this is happening in Missouri, it is not uncommon for a law to be passed in one state before quickly gaining popularity across the country. If the bill becomes law, and the law becomes successful or popular, a similar bill could find its way into Georgia law, and it could have an effect on family law.

This certainly appears to be a fathers’ rights issue, but the rights of all parties involved must be considered. The rights of fathers will have to be measured against the rights of women, which must also be weighed against the rights of unborn children. There are many different opinions on this matter, so the topic will likely remain hotly contested in the future, but this issue will surely be resolved with time, one way or another.

Source: KFOR, “Proposed abortion bill would require father’s written consent,” Kimberly Querry, Dec. 21, 2014