Child custody has always been a hotly contested topic in divorce cases as neither parent wants to sacrifice time with their child. In recent years, many men have taken up the banner of fathers’ rights in an effort to combat what they perceive as a gender-biased court system that often sided with women in custody issues. In 2014, we like to think that the country has become much fairer with its custody arrangements, but a recent study conducted by the National Parents Organization claims that this may not be the case.

The study observed the shared parenting statues in every state in the country and gave them each a grade ranging from A to F. There was not a single state in the entire United States that received an A grade from the report card. The state of Georgia received a C-, or a 1.7 on a 4.0 GPA scale. This is just barely above the national average of 1.63.

The NPO was motivated to conduct the study because of the notable impact that these custody arrangements, and the courts which decide them, have on the children of divorced or separated parents. We agree that these custody arrangements are extremely important to the development of the child and to the happiness of all parties involved, which is why we take child custody matters very seriously.

According to this study, Georgia law regarding child custody is just squeaking by with a passing grade, but that does not mean that Georgia couples have to settle for subpar or unfair custody arrangements. If anything, it emphasizes just how important it is to enlist the aid of an attorney who is familiar with family law and child custody to help you arrive at a custody agreement that is fair to you and most importantly fair to your child.