While the exact percentage is up for debate, it is common knowledge that the divorce rate in the United States is fairly high. With so many marriages ending in divorce, many couples may find themselves curious about the process. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult topic to pursue, since the laws and perceptions surrounding divorce vary by state. If you live in Georgia and you have questions about the divorce process in this state, then read on for more information.

It might surprise you to learn that you can represent yourself in a divorce case. However, this is not advised, as many aspects of divorce, such as child custody or child support, can be complex to individuals who are not highly experienced in dealing with them. Additionally, the ramifications of poor representation cannot be overstated, as a gaffe in court could severely limit your involvement in your child’s upbringing.

If you and your spouse decide to divorce, it will please you to know that there is no significant waiting period in Georgia. As long as both of you agree on the process, you can go from being married to being single in as little as 31 days. It is worth mentioning that the divorce process will likely not be this smooth, however, since couples could end up debating over things like alimony or property division.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, click here. If you live in Georgia and you feel that divorce is the best option, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss your circumstances. Effective legal representation can ensure that you receive a fair divorce settlement that grants adequate child support and parenting time for both parties.