When parents separate, often they still both want the best for their child. Many children in Georgia grow up in the primary care of one or the other of their parents, seeing the other less frequently. Nevertheless, they still grow into happy, well-balanced individuals. Families come in all shapes and sizes and it is the love and respect within them that counts, not the configuration of the family unit.

As a father, you have just as much right to spend time with your child as does his or her mother. You each are an important part of your child’s life, so if you are both willing and able to be part of it, you should be. Courts generally favor arrangements which allow the child or children to have contact with both parents wherever possible.

Although it is becoming more widely recognized that fathers are just as important as mothers and just as capable of raising a child single-handedly, it is important to be prepared to stand up for your rights if they are obstructed.

When a custody arrangement is being determined, the child’s best interests are held at the heart of the matter. As such, it is vital to show that you are a positive influence on your child’s life. An attorney may be able to help you present yourself in the best light.

Of course, no two cases are the same and it can be daunting to face the legal process alone. If you have any questions about your rights as a father, or you need support in a child custody hearing, you might benefit from visiting our page on parental rights.