Child custody is usually one of the most hotly contested topics in a divorce, with both parties wanting to remain as involved as possible in their children’s lives. There are those who believe that men are treated unfairly in custody cases, which could cause concern for some fathers if they are facing divorce. Fortunately, evidence shows that it is better for children to have both parents in their lives through joint custody.

Each case is unique, bringing many factors of a couple’s married life into the child custody equation. The courts take all of these factors into account when determining a custody arrangement to ensure that they do what is best for the child.

Unfortunately, the courts can only look at the data that they are provided, which can sometimes make it difficult for some fathers to get a fair custody agreement. For example, if your ex-wife demonstrates to the courts that you have never attended your child’s ballgames or visited their school, it could look bad for you.

Instances like these are when solid defense comes into play. For example, you could successfully claim that you were unable to attend any of these events because you were busy working to provide for the family, even though you wanted to be there.

Hopefully, your custody battle will not be so bitter. In many instances, Georgia courts reach parenting time arrangements, which usually strike a near perfect balance of custody. Still, you can never be too careful when it comes to your child, and presenting a solid case is the best way to ensure that you arrive at a custody arrangement that is fair to both you and your child. If you’re unaware of how to present your side strongly you may want to enlist us to assist you with your child custody case.