A man was recently arrested in Virginia after being pulled over for driving on a closed shoulder. The trooper who pulled the man over took him into custody after he learned that the man was wanted for child support and other charges in Norfolk. Even though this case happened in Virginia, Georgia residents could easily find themselves in a similar position if they fail to pay their child support.

Child support is rarely an area of divorce that divorcing couples agree on. Oftentimes one parent feels that he or she is paying far too much, or the other parent feels that he or she is not receiving enough. Sometimes both are true, and neither parent is happy with the child support arrangement. Still, the child support order was set to a certain amount for a reason, and refusing to pay the ordered amount is never the answer.

You may not like it, but if a court ordered you to pay a certain amount for child support, it is the amount that you can afford. Despite what you may believe, the courts are not out to get you. However, the courts also understand that circumstances change, and what was once a fair amount of child support may not remain so forever. If that is the case, you can have the child support order modified.

Even if your circumstances have not changed and you believe that you are paying too much in child support, you are still far better off trying to have the child support order modified than simply refusing to pay. If you refuse to pay your required child support, you don’t only risk jail time; if you are discovered and arrested, you will have to pay back the required amount anyway. Refusing to pay child support is a lose-lose situation.

Source: 10 Wavy, “Man driving on shoulder arrested for unpaid child support,” Catherine Rogers, Oct. 9, 2014