One of the most frightening thoughts about a divorce is how the final decision could affect the rest of your life, from how involved you are with your child’s life to how much money you can call your own. It can be a serious blow to learn that your child custody agreement only lets you see your child every other week, or that a chunk of your money will go to your former spouse. Fortunately, the court’s final decision about your divorce agreement is not actually final. It can be changed in the future if circumstances allow.

While you will not be able to change the immediate actions of the divorce settlement years after the fact (such as which spouse got the house), you may be able to alter the factors that affect you on a daily basis. These factors include visitation schedules and child custody, as well as child support and spousal support. Of course there must have been significant changes to the circumstances surrounding these issues in order to successfully have them changed. You can find information about all of this and more here.

A prime example of how changing circumstances could affect your divorce agreement is if you suddenly lose your job. Obviously you will not be able to pay as much in child support if this were to happen, so you could file a “motion to modify” and have your divorce decree changed to reflect your loss of employment. Of course the pendulum swings both ways, and if you find new employment, your ex-spouse could have the settlement reflected to pay a portion of your new income.

If the circumstances that affected your divorce settlement have changed, you might want to consider enlisting legal aid to help you present your case to the courts. The law can vary by court and state as well, so be sure to enlist the legal aid of an attorney who is familiar with Georgia law.