Child support has been a source of tension for many divorced couples for years and years. It’s very rare that both parties are satisfied with child support payments, often because the payer believes they are paying too much, and the receiver believes that they are entitled to more. As a society, we could continue to talk about how the courts do their best to ensure that child support is fair to both parties, but the state of Georgia has recently decided to take more assertive action.

Thanks to cooperation between Georgia’s Department of Driver Services and the State Department of Human Services, parents who fail to make their child support payments could now lose their driver’s licenses. Many have already begun receiving notices that their licenses will be suspended as early as Aug. 20 if they don’t make their payments. The director of Georgia’s Child Support Division claims that the incentive already seems to be having an effect.

This new contingency could certainly ensure that all individuals who are capable of making their child support payments actually do so, but what about those who cannot make their child support payments? For individuals whose circumstances have changed for the worse, who now find it difficult or impossible to make the monthly payments that they could comfortably make when they were initially divorced, it’s important to remember that modification is an option.

Don’t let your license be taken away when the situation could’ve been avoided. If you’ve lost your job or you face some other issue that is preventing you from making your payments, don’t hesitate to enlist legal assistance to help you bring a case to the courts and have your child support payments reduced. It’s important that those who can pay do pay, but it’s also important that those who can’t pay aren’t punished unjustly.

Source: News One, “Georgia Gets Tough! Don’t Pay Your Child Support, Lose Driver’s License!” Ruth Manuel-Logan, Aug. 8, 2014